Thursday, December 12, 2013

OfficeSuite Pro 7 Insights

OfficeSuite Pro is an app for android with millions of downloads. Recently they have released OfficeSuite Pro 7 with some new features, updated user interface and much more. Here are insights of newest version. 

Dictionary Support

Besides other dictionaries the latest version supports Oxford Dictionary. You just need to navigate in the menu of dictionary list to find it. The supported dictionary is an add-on that costs $49.99 which is three times higher than actual cost of the app. However, for limited time period they have offered 90% off on it.

Search Support

Besides Oxford Dictionary, version 7 provides you an opportunity to Google Search words within the document. When you click on the word, there would be pop-up. Click on the right button and it would take you to the web browser and Google Search. It would quickly let you know what the word really means.

The Google Search support in the app is absolutely free.

Camera Support

One of the most interesting features of the app is ability to snap a picture. After snapping the picture you can place it in Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation and Word Document without leaving the app. Just open the camera app and take a picture and it would be automatically added into the document.

Once you place the picture inside the document, you can resize it, rotate it and perform other little required manipulation. You can place as many pictures as you want.

Advancement in Excel

Excel spreadsheet in version 7 is improved. The latest version has cleaner user interface including font formatting and cell dragging improvements. The ability to rearrange spreadsheets is the best new feature added.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 provides best Excel experience on Android.

Other Improvements

Some other improvements include dual screen support, PowerPoint improvements and better compatibility with QuickSpell. The newest version of the product has lots of refinements, additions and enhancements.

Using Latest Version

The latest version of the product has pretty nifty user interface along with large button for categories of buttons it handles. The categories are

·         Spreadsheets
·         PowerPoint Presentations
·         Text Documents

This app supports following file formats.

·         RTF
·         TXT
·         DOC
·         DOCX
·         LOG
·         XLS
·         DOCM
·         XLSX
·         ZIP
·         PDF
·         PPT
·         PPTX
·         CVS
·         PPS
·         PPTM
·         PPSM
·         PDF
·         EML

The app works well with major cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Google Drive. It has file browser that allows you to select or create default location for your document at startup. Voice search is also available in this app. There is handy feature that is link to customer support.

Working with OfficeSuite Pro 7

Creating the new documents within app is straightforward. It provides you strong editing support. You can place comments for quick document collaboration. It does not have version tracking at the moment but it is expected that they shall bring it to the product soon. Spreadsheets are easy to work with and editing equations is far easier.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition has expandable storage, multi window, multi-tasking and digital pen features. The new edition has nearly everything that one can expect from an Android tablet.

There are many improvements such as you can have faux leather back in two colors Black and White. Other additions include Bluetooth 4.0, Samsung WatchOn, dual band WiFi 802.11 ac, front user TouchWiz and 8 mega pixel camera with LED flash. Besides Google’s standard apps such as Gmail, old webkit web browser, Chrome, Maps, Google Play Store, Gallery and email, the Note 10.1 has Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It includes S Voice, Air View, S Translator, S Note and Multi Window etc. This edition doesn’t support multi-user support.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a thin tablet with glossy plastic and metal trim. It looks good in professional environment. You can easily hold the tablet without fearing some slippery effects. The back of the device is made from faux plastic combined with stitching at corners.

On the new design Samsung has placed controls with micro USB 2.0 port. Volume rocker is sensibly placed to the top and there is slot compatible with SDXC on the side. Speakers are also aligned properly.


Note 10.1 Edition 2014 has impressive 2500 x 1600 display with great contrast. Colors appear to be more bright and balanced even on higher resolutions. These colors and contrasts are really better than Nexus 10. The device is perfect to stand against Retina iPad.

Even if you do not set the color balance, the device automatically detects and recognizes it whenever you are watching videos, looking at photos or reading anything. The reading mode helps setting the device to its best readable format. S Pen is installed in tablet that uses Wacom technology. Precise digital pen is interchangeable with other Galaxy Note pens. It supports 1,000 levels of pressure sensitivity that makes it more flexible tablet for painting and sketching. Samsung has included S Note app that recognizes handwriting and formula for notes taking.


The 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 edition is fast with MALI T-628 graphics and 1.9 GHz quad core processor. They have added 3 gigs of RAM in the tablet. In these days Android phones and tablets have just 2 gigs; so addition of 1 gig is impressive. Device would definitely help improving performance.

There is 16 or 32 gigs of storage space available and SDXC slot is available for additional storage. Now Samsung is Android based and Android has removed that option to install apps in SD cards. Now Samsung is asking again to bring that feature back because of the games. You can use USB mice, USB flash, keyboards and portable hard drive.


The backend camera is 8 megapixel with HDR and LED flash. 8 MP is better camera for any tablet. Samsung is trying to combine features of smartphones and tablets. Now its 8MP camera is equivalent to higher end Galaxy S III. It’s not competing with LG G2, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s yet it’s impressive in taking shots and recording videos.

The front camera is 2 MP which is competing with available android phones in market. Using front camera users can video chat with less blocky videos.


Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is about 7 to 8 hours that includes video content. In 2014 edition Samsung has improve battery capacity from 7,000 mAH to 8,220 mAH. Its not like your smartphone that you plug in, charge and started using your device.

Tablet battery takes time to recharge. So, if your battery is down, make sure you are charging it during night hours.

Market Competition

The market competitors of Galaxy Note 10.1 are Google Nexus 10, Sony Xperia Tablet Z and iPad with Retina Display.  Google Nexus 10 has matching resolution but its CPU is not as much powerful. If you don’t like UI customization and TouchWiz, you would definitely go for Nexus 10. But Nexus 10 doesn’t have any S pen and SD card slots that cause storage issues.

At the same time Sony Xperia Tab Z is potential competitor of Galaxy Note 10.1 although its not as much thinner. It has microSD card for storage including IR blaster with AV remote. The display of the tab is 19200 x 1200 with full HD. It lacks S Pen and you have to choose whether you like TouchWiz or not
The big giant Apple is already there with Retina iPad. iPad with Retina Display has high resolution and fast graphics. Generally people would wait for iPad 5 but again it depends whether you like iOS or Android.

Of course, we can’t forget Windows tablets which are coming in 10.1 inches and 11.6 inches running Windows 8 operating system. These tablets are great competitor of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as they have enough battery and processing power to decently run the operations. With these tabs you get MS Office and Adobe Photoshop and on top of all they have digital pen.


For android lovers, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is best pick in market. However, users have other options too because Windows tabs are also popular with powerful specs and digital pen. At this point in time, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is most expensive tab available in market. But in return Samsung is giving 2560 x 1600 display along with vibrant colors. This tab has split Window for multitasking and in addition to it there is S Pen feature that helps drawing and painting. The powerful processor and additional USB slot for storage is an added advantage. It has more than average 8MP rear camera for recording and taking shots.

For 16 gig mode, Samsung has set the price of USD 549 while they are selling 32 gig model at USD 599.

Images in the post are taken from Samsung

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All About Nokia Lumia 1020

The competition is clearly catching up between Nokia, Samsung and Sony. 41 MP camera of the new Nokia Lumia 1020 is really wonderful in terms of its megapixels.
Nokia Lumia 1020
It gives delight to photographers and captures extremely clear photographs with reduced noise. The default resolution is set to 5 MP which you can change up to 38 MP, i.e. 4:3 aspect ratio.

As long as the image quality is concerned, it is much better than any other 5MP and even 8MP camera. You don’t have to lose image clarity while cropping a small portion of your high-resolution images. It is easy to use with both manual and automatic modes. Like earlier models, Nokia continued providing various lenses- such as Smart Cam, Panorama, Camera 360 and Cinemagraph. Other camera features include optical image stabilization, shutter speed of 1-16,000, ISO settings of 100-4000 and 3x digital zoom.

There are some cons as well. The flash shows a yellow hint in the captured images. Phone doesn’t allow you to quickly capture the photos. Close-up shots and camera performance aren’t satisfactory. To take the best photo you must be at least 17-20 inch away from the object.

Well, one thing is sure the company has added benefits in the camera though it cannot be compared with that of a high-end digital camera. There is a huge camera hump at the backside of the phone. The phone design is better than Galaxy S4 Zoom. There is still scope for the company to improve the phone design in upcoming versions.

Friday, October 4, 2013

PES 2014 Lag

Pro Evolution Soccer responds slow to its users. If you’re experiencing the same problem, you have come at the right place.

1. Disable Vertical Sync & Change Quality Settings
2. Change Process Priority
3. Do not Switch to Wireless Connection
4. Defrag Registry

Disable Vertical Sync & Change Quality Settings
1. Right click the NVIDIA notification bar icon, select NVIDIA Settings.
2. Click Manage 3D Settings | Program Settings.
3. Set the following configurations:
Texture Filtering Quality: High Performance
Vertical Sync: Force Off
4. Save the settings and exit.

Change Process Priority
1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
2. Click the Processes tab.
3. Right click game process, select Set Priority | High.

Do Not Switch to Wireless Connection
If you’re using wireless connection, switch to wired connection. This is because wireless network users may experience unstable Internet and low signal quality strength which causes PES 2014 lag.

Defrag Registry and Use Game Boost Feature of RegInOut
Registry is an inherent part of your system. Fragmented Registry is the core reason for lags and freezes. Defrag the Registry and re-structure information stored I nit.

2. Analyze Registry fragmentation.
3. Defrag the Registry.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fix Update Error 102 Mac

Mac users may experience inability to update applications. The update process aborts with an error message. The problem occurs due to faulty software, unsupported external devices, problematic startup items and corrupt cache contents. Diagnose the problem with the steps given in the article.

1. Delete Cache and PList Files
2. Disable Startup Items
3. Check Disk Errors
4. Unplug External Hard Disk & Other Devices
5. Delete Recently Installed Apps

Error 102 Mac? Download Repair Tool

Delete Cache and PList Files

Cache is a location that contains most frequently accessed files. Corrupt cache causes interruptions during the update process. Delete Cache and PList files in order to get rid of this problem.

1. Restart the Mac.
2. Enter into the Safe Mode by holding Shift key for some time. This will prevent unwanted interruptions by programs during cache cleaning operation.
3. Open the following folder:
4. Delete following files:
5. Open the following folder:
6. Delete the following file:

Deleting PList File

1. Open the Finder.
2. Click Go Menu | Go to Folder.
3. Type the following path in the Finder dialog:

4. Delete files that end with “.plist” extension.

Disable Startup Items

Some of the existing startup items could be responsible for MAC update error 102. A startup program might be not functioning properly. Disable startup items to make OS run stable.

1. Click System Preferences | Accounts.
2. Click Startup Items tab.
3. Select all startup items and then click the Remove button.
4. Reboot your machine.

Check Disk Errors

Disk errors cause failure in retrieving information stored in files. Repair disk errors with the help of Disk Utility.

1. Go to Applications | Utilities | Disk Utility.
2. Start disk repair process.
3. Reboot your system when you’re done fixing update error 102/ error 102 Mac.
Unplug External Hard Disk & Other Devices

Mac shows error message due to malfunctioning external hard disk and other devices. If you have connected a new hardware just unplug it. You won’t experience this issue again if it is related with any particular hardware device. Unplug your external hard disk, express cards and PCI cards.

Delete Recently Installed Apps

Delete all recently installed apps. Here are the steps required to repair error 102 Mac:

1. Open the LaunchPad.
2. Click and hold icon of an application that you would like to delete.
3. Click (X) icon when the app jiggles.

4. A confirmation dialog appears. Click “Delete” button.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Slow Macbook Pro -- How Can we Speed it Up

Mac runs slow over a period of time. There are several factors that contribute this issue. This article comes with best techniques commonly used to improve Mac performance.

1. Check the Disk Usage
2. Remove Logs and Cache Contents
3. Check CPU Usage
4. Upgrade Hardware
5. Remove Ion Clutter from the Desktop
6. Remove Unneeded Apps
Check the Disk Usage

Lack of enough free disk space causes slow Macbook Pro problem. My rule of thumb is to have at least 20 GB available as free disk space. It’ll optimize the capacity of programs and drivers. Go to Applications | Utilities | Disk Usage.

Remove Logs and Cache Contents

Activity logs and cache contents fill up your disk space. Deleting these files will not cause adverse consequences. It is completely safe to delete them. Remove all temporary files, logs and cache contents in order to free up disk space.  The log directory is generally ~/Library/Logs.

Check CPU Usage

CPU Usage is determined depending on number of open and background applications. Higher the running applications more will be the CPU Usage and vice versa. Lower CPU Usage is important for the smooth functioning of Mac. Check CPU Usage and quit unnecessary applications to fix slow Macbook Pro.

1. Open Activity Monitor.
2. Choose My Processes | % CPU.

Upgrade Hardware

It is often experienced that outdated hardware or hardware below minimum system specifications contribute to the slow Macbook Pro problem. Upgrade your hardware. Buy a RAM with more memory, a hard disk with more capacity.

Remove Ion Clutter from the Desktop

Your desktop can be full of icon clutter. It may have dozens of program/ game icons that
adversely affect its performance. Remove these icons or move them in to a single folder to get most of the performance.

Remove Unneeded Apps

If you have too many programs installed please remove those you don’t actually use. This will

free-up the disk space and stop unnecessary background apps.

Lessons of Life App Review

Lessons of Life is a wonderful app that will provide you with a daily dose of quotes that will inspire you big time. This excellent collection of quotes is bound to fulfill your appetite of quotations as well as help you become a better person by providing exceptional lessons that are bound to have a lasting impact on your life as they help you shape up your personality.

Download: Lessons of Life (Windows Phone)

This app is a very unique addition to the existing piles of apps at WindowsPhone platform. Most of the apps usually cater to the conventional topics nowadays but this is where the developer has struck the right notes as this is what makes this app stand out from other apps and the developer deserves accolades for sticking to a non-conventional topic and gifting us something that can prove to be a source of inspiration.  

Lessons of Life contains a meticulous collection of awe inspiring quotes and add up to that the well designed app that never crashes or gives way, which result in quite a few praiseworthy reviews for this app. Yet another feather in its cap indeed!

Like all other apps that leave no stone un-turned in facilitating their users to all extents, Lessons of Life also follows suit. It has a couple of helpful tricks up its sleeve that further add up to its goodness. First up is the ability to share your favorite quotes with your friends list via Facebook or Twitter. All that is required is a tap of a finger and that’s it. Next, there is the Favorites Panel that allows you to save your favorite quotes for a quick recall later on whenever you want. An excellent package overall and therefore highly recommended!