Friday, March 30, 2012

YouTube Tool Will Protect Privacy by Blurring Faces

You can protect your privacy using YouTube tool to blur faces. So, if you are interested in appearing in online videos with desire of hiding your face—YouTube tool can help.
So many people were complaining to human rights community about their privacy issues. You are allowed to blur your face in any YouTube video through Google’s YouTube Tool which is under development. Using this tool, video makers can easily blur the faces of people in videos.

In still images Google was able to blur faces but now they have deployed technology to apply that blur effect on animated objects.

This technology is under progress and within few months you can expect from YouTube to provide you this tool through which you can obscure faces. This news was announced by Victoria Grand, YouTube Director of global communications and policy in panel discussion at GBT (Google Big Tent). Grand further addressed that human rights community was in contact with YouTube to blur faces in YouTube Videos for several years. Obscuring faces in animated objects is not rocket science—you just need to enable rights on videos through software. You can search on YouTube videos for technology to blur faces in videos and you would get many videos on how to do so. Most of the users are uploading videos without post production or without editing those videos.

Currently YouTube is working on Blurring tool through which you can edit faces—there is no need of additional programs. In the discussion Grant further explained that in YouTube Blurring Tool there would be an option to deal with privacy. She said when we receive those complaints—we remove video from channel within two days. If your complained is not resolved, you can expect video to be removed from channel sooner.

Once Google made YouTube Blur Tool available, video creators would have option to obscure the face from complaints videos. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD Win 8)

Windows 8 has a friendlier Blue Screen of Death than earlier versions. The traditional Blue Screen containing vague details with bulk of useless tips is replaced with a simple screen.

You might get this ‘bluescreen’ anytime- while installing Windows 8 or while running software and games. You’ll not have any chance but to let it restart the computer and then go to find out a solution.

The new BSOD has a light blue colour background. It shows a sad face emoticon with a message “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle and now it needs to restart.” Next to this message, you’ll be advised to search online for a solution by giving the exact Error Message. A countdown will also appear on the screen which will then automatically restart the computer. Unlike traditional BSODs, this information is clear and easy to read. It tells in brief that something is becoming wrong with your computer and there is a need to search for given error message on the internet.


1    1. Check your Memory
2. Disconnect/Remove Recently Connected Device
3. Fix Registry Errors
4. Uninstall Older Programs or Check Compatibility Issues

Check your Memory

Usually a bad memory can cause Windows 8 BSOD. If you have a single RAM remove it and clean it by using a soft cloth or something. Otherwise if you have multiple RAMs installed then test them one by one for a few hours.

Disconnect/ Remove Recently Connected Device

If you are getting Windows 8 Blue Screen after connecting a new device unplug it for some time. The device may not be supporting the newer version of Windows thus causing random crashes. Check out the supported operating system list from the device manual.

Fix Registry Errors
There are greater chances of having numerous registry issues which are the main source of this problem. Find out such errors using a Windows 8 Registry Cleaner and repair them instantly.

Uninstall Older Programs or Check Compatibility Issues

Windows 8 Blue Screen can appear when a specific program is not working properly because of program compatibility related issues. For instance, running older versions of some programs on Windows 8 can ultimately crash because of unsupported operating environment.

Uninstall Older Programs:

1. Move your mouse to the extreme left side of your Taskbar and click on Start.
2. Type Uninstall a Program and then click Settings button below the right hand side Search box.
3. Click it from the search result.
4. Select the older version of a program and click Uninstall. Follow the wizard and restart the computer when prompted.

Run Older Programs in Compatibility Mode:

If you’re sure that a specific program is displaying BSOD because of compatibility issues then simply run it in the Compatibility Mode. Here’s how to do it in Windows 8:


1. Open My Computer.
2. Go to the root location where the main program file is located.
3. In the ribbon interface, click Application tab and then Troubleshoot Compatibility icon.
4. A wizard called Program Compatibility Troubleshooter will launch. Click the second option, i.e. Troubleshoot Program.
5. Check mark the first option The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now and then click Next.
6. If you have tried running the same program before, select relevant version of Windows where it was running fine. Click Next.
7. Click Start Program button from the Test Compatibility Settings page.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PC Vs Tablets--Will Tablets Replace PCs ?

Are you at risk of losing your files? Onsite backup is not enough. Choose the MyPC Backup Online Backup Service!

PC Vs Tablets—will Tablets replace PCs? It is heated topic in technology circles. After iPad’s new version launch which is to come up with broad resolution, sale of iPad would drastically improve. Apple is continuously refining devices for faster processors, speedy networks and better outlook. Obviously tablets are on fire

Other smartphones running Android OS can perform better and are convenient because of portable functionality. All of us doctors, business executives, writers, designers, and engineers need computing machines. In this article, we shall classify both PCs and Tablets.

PC’s importance
Majority of consumers interact with their workstation through keyboard. This probably is most important difference between PCs and Tablets. Almost all of us prefer traditional keyboard to type lengthy documents and other activities involving humans and internet .

Tablet’s importance
Tablets are portable and users prefer portable devices. Now Tablets are available with bigger screen which is good and bad at the same time. Tablets can be used in short meetings such as you can use it to demonstrate your service or promotion in a business meeting.

PCs Vs Tablets Performance
PCs perform better than Tablets in performance. For instance, for some users watching videos on large screen PCs and laptops is more fun than the tablet PCs. Besides videos typing is another concern of many users. You can type quickly using keyboard. When using Tablets, you need to heavily rely on touch-screen keypad. Performance of your PC is still faster than performance of Tablet device.

PCs Vs Tablets Compatibility
Compatibility is one among biggest issues when you compare PCs to tablets. Tablets need to be mature in hardware and software. Tablets are convenient for storage, however, sometimes this mice does not work well and connecting to printer device is mess. PCs are good as you can use CD/DVD ROM.
Aside hardware, there are some programs which are not compatible with Tablets. Few apps may not replace software. Adobe products are not convenient with tablets. Media is another aspect.

PCs Vs Tablets Media
Tablets are great entertainment devices if you skip media compatibility. Tablets are on fire with social networks, music, videos and images etc. Apps and widgets can make big difference by enabling you to access multiple emails and YouTube videos. PC browsers are different than you use in Tablets, things work differently in both browsers. I would like to say, PC browsers are more convenient.

PCs Vs Tablets Productivity
It truly depends on what you are looking for. For small tasks such as replying an email or to monitor on-going activities within your remote office, tablets are best. But if you have complex programs, you need PCs. For small business presentations, you just need a tablet device. PCs are also productive when you copy and paste among documents.

PCs Vs Tablets Cost
Tablets are new in marketplace and their prices are higher than traditional PCs. For average consumers, buying a tablet device is far more costly than a PC. PCs are clear winners in cost comparison.

PCs Vs Tablets for Power-users
Tablets are popular because you can easily use them. For power users (business users) PCs are best because having PC at least you feel secure about data. Tablets are sensitive devices and have shorter life span than PCs.

Now back to our initial debate PCs Vs Tablets—will Tablets replace PCs? No-- at least not in this decade. At this point, tablet has fairly serious competition with Smartphone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Registry Hacks Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Registry is a very complex database having lots of sensitive information, it should be changed only when we’re having problems with our computers. However, some expert computer users want to customize Windows 8 and make it simpler to use. It is quite possible for them to do so using the registry hacks for Windows 8 consumer preview. 

Here you will find some registry tweaks for Windows 8 consumer preview. Please do all these things at your own risk and only if you are efficient in computing. Any unacceptable change can make your system unstable and you might lose your important data. Thus I would suggest you to backup the entire registry before making any change in it.

List of Windows 8 Registry Hacks:

· Add “Registry Editor” Icon in Control Panel

· Add “Read with Notepad” Option to the Context Menu

· Add “Control Panel” Option to the Context Menu of your Desktop

· Add “Recycle Bin” Icon in My Computer

Add “Registry Editor” Icon in Control Panel:

This is a very useful Windows 8 Registry Hack if you’re a tech savvy user. Many of us who like to experiment with the things we have to deal lot of time with the Registry Editor. To open it fastly, you can make its icon in Control Panel\System and Security.

1.    Open Registry Editor.

2. Open following registry path:


3. Create a new key with the following name:


4. Add a new string with name InfoTip. Type Opens the Registry Editor (RegEdit) as its value.

5. In the same path where you’re; make a new key with name DefaultIcon.

6. Double click the Default string on the right hand side and type the following value:


7. In the same path, make following three new registry keys:


8. Again, double click Default and set the following value:


9. Now open the following registry path:





10. Make a new key with the following name:


11. Double click the Default string on the right hand side and type Opens Registry Editor as its value.

12. Close the Registry Editor.

Add “Read with Notepad” Option to the Context Menu:

The menu which is shown when you right click a file is called as Context Menu. It is also regarded as Right Click Menu. Whatever it is, the trick I have to discuss here is to add a new option with name Read with Notepad to the context menu so that you can open any type file with Notepad by just a single click.

Usually, those files which do not have any associated program installed can only be opened by right clicking on them, selecting Open With and then choosing a text editor program such as Notepad. This procedure is very lengthy especially if you’re a tech-savvy person and have to deal with dozens of configuration files. You can avoid it by adding a new option Read with Notepad to the context menu.

1.    Click Start, select Run.

2. Type RegEdit and then press ENTER.

3. Open the following registry path:


4. Make the following new keys:

Read with Notepad\Command

5. Double click the Default string on the right hand side panel. Type the following value and then press ENTER:

Notepad.exe %1

6. Refresh Windows Explorer and right click any file to check out the new changes.

7. Close Registry Editor.

Add “Control Panel” Option to the Context Menu of your Desktop

All of us have to open Control Panel several times for changing system settings and performing administrative tasks. We have to click Start | Control Panel to load it.

But what if I say you can open Control Panel just by a single click from your desktop? Well, it’s possible! What you have to do is add Control Panel option in the Context Menu (Right Click Menu) of your desktop so that every time you have to load it, just right click the desktop and select it from the available options.

Steps for Windows 8 Registry Hack are given below:

1.    Open Registry Editor.

2. Open the following registry path:



3. Make following new keys:

Control Panel\Command

4. On the right hand side, double click Default string and enter following value:

RunDLL32.exe Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL

5. Close the Registry Editor.

To test it, just right click the desktop and select Control Panel option.

Add “Recycle Bin” Icon in My Computer:

As default, the Recycle Bin icon is placed on your desktop. We’re going to see how you can place the same Recycle Bin icon in My Computer window so as to make the process more convenient and faster.

1.   Open Registry Editor.

2. Open the following registry path:





3. Make a new key with the following name:


4. Close the Registry Editor window.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Verisign and Norton Deal -- Trust Seals by Verisign Will Have a New Look from April 2012

In the internet world the web sites which display security seals such as Mcafee Secured, TRUSTe and Verisign seals are deemed more authentic. This is especially true for the web sites run by small businesses. Currently Mcafee Inc has a lot of business clients. And now it seems Norton too wants to join this race of providing web site security seals to the web masters and add to its revenue stream. A deal has been struck between the popular seal provider Verisign and the antivirus publisher Norton. From April 2012 all the seals from Verisign will be branded as Norton Secured.

Verisign is a name of trust when it comes to World Wide Web. Daily tens of millions of internet users see Verisign seals on different web sites. It is a known fact that there many fraudulent web sites operating that distribute poor content and try to steal users money or personal information. Layman internet users have very few ways to determine whether a web site is authentic or not. However, expert internet users can easily find out  which web site is secure by looking at key indicators. Normally the companies like Verisign, COMODO, MCafee and TRUSTe provide seals to those web masters who have provided documentary proofs about the nature of their business.

For instance, if you publish a software you would have to bypass various tests by these security seals providers which will authenticate that the software hosted on your web site is safe to use and distribute. It is a long process and takes quite a few days.

Currently there are different kinds of seals provided by Verisign which include Code Signing, Trust Seals and SSL Certificates.

The deal between Verisign and Norton will give a boost to the Norton. There is very high competition in the antivirus market and this initiative will diversify their revenue sources.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shockwave Flash Plug In Crash and Download the Plugin

Shockwave Flash plug in plays a significant role when you’re browsing internet or viewing multimedia content online. It is a powerful plug in, also called an add-on that is used for the purpose of viewing advertisements, business presentations and similar content. It also makes possible playing online games and playing audio-visual objects. Shockwave Flash plug in is a part of Shockwave Player.

Fortunately, Shockwave Flash Plug In is free-of-cost. You can, at any time, download it from the official website of Adobe. Just after following simple steps on your screen, it would be applied in your web browser and you can view multimedia content anytime. Needless to say, whenever there is any problem viewing multimedia content online, there is a good possibility of having problem with the Shockwave Flash add on installation.

Download Adobe Shockwave Flash Plug In from here.

Tips & Tricks to Improve its performance and fix Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash:

If you’re looking to speed up your web browsing, you’ll have to take into consideration Shockwave Flash plug first. Following are some of the techniques that are very helpful to speed up your internet browsing by optimizing Flash Plug In performance:

1. Use a Faster Modem

A faster modem is must to improve Shockwave Flash plug in performance. ISDN or T1 connection should also be faster.

2. Stop Background Processes

Be sure to stop unnecessary services when you’re watching multimedia stuff. You can simply follow the instructions given below:

1. Click Start, select Run.
2. Type SERVICES.MSC in the Open box and then press ENTER.
3. Stop each process that you think taking a lot of your memory and making the computer slower. To do so, right click it and select the Stop option.

3. Increase Web Cache

Increase the amount of web cache allocated to your web browser. Modify the Internet Options as shown below:

1. Double click Internet Explorer icon on your desktop.
2. Press Alt key of your keyboard to display the menu bar.
3. Select Tools and then Internet Options.
4. In the new dialog, click General tab.
5. Under Browsing History frame, click the Settings button.
6. Under Temporary Internet Files frame, change the size of Disk Space to Use. The default would be 50.
7. Click OK | OK.

4. Update Shockwave Flash Plug In Regularly
It is a good idea to use the latest version of Shockwave Flash plug in. The company, time by time, releases new versions that contain not only bug fixes but also major performance improvements. Visit the official download page for more details.

Monday, March 5, 2012

WOW Error 134

There are many users who suffer problems playing World of Warcraft. When trying to log-in, your computer may show the following error message:

WOW Error 134 (Fatal Condition):
Unable to initalize archive. Press OK to terminate.

In such cases you’ll not have any option than to terminate the game. The next time you start it and log-in to your account, the same error is displayed.
  • Run Extended Memory Test
  • Use a Registry Repair
  • Update DirectX
  • Run Check Disk
  • Delete a Program File
  • Set a Lower Resolution
  • Perform Reinstall/ Repair
  • Disable Antivirus Program

Run Extended Memory Test
Check the computer’s physical memory for problems. You can prevent WOW error 134 by identifying and fixing problems with your Random Access Memory (RAM).
Windows Memory Diagnostic

  1. Visit Windows Memory Diagnostic Download Page on Microsoft website.
  2. Click Download Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  3. Download the file mtinst.exe. Follow the on screen instructions.

Use a Registry Repair
A Registry Repair is a small utility program designed to find and delete the registry errors. World of Warcraft is crashing with error 134 because some of the portions of your registry are corrupted. Clean them by downloading a Registry Repair.

Update DirectX
From the official website of Microsoft, download the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. Once you finish installing it, try running World of Warcraft.

Run Check Disk
Check Disk

If the problem belongs to your hard disk then running Check Disk utility can fix WOW error 134. Open My Computer, right click a partition, click Tools and then Check Now.

Delete a Program File
If the file expansion3-speech-enUS.MPQ located in the World of Warcraft directory is corrupted, there increases the chances of getting WOW error 134.
  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Double click C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\EnUS
  3. Right click the file Expansion3-Speech-EnUS.MPQ and select the Delete option.
  4. Restart WOW.

Set a Lower Resolution
Setting up a lower resolution can fix WOW error 134. Right click any empty space on your desktop, select Screen Resolution. From the Resolution drop down box, select a lower screen resolution and click Apply | OK.
Perform Reinstall/ Repair
Reinstalling the whole game can help you fix WOW error 134. Follow the guidelines given below:
  1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
  2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
  3. Select World of Warcraft from the list that appears. Click the Change button.
  4. Select the option Reinstall/ Repair this program and click Next.
  5. Follow it your own and restart the PC when you’re done.

Disable Antivirus Program
If there is any antivirus program running whenever you’re playing WOW, then disable it or at least the real time protection feature. Search for its icon in the system tray of your Taskbar and there would be any option similar to Disable Protection.

Select a Lower Resolution

Error # 134 (Fatal Condition): Unable to initialize archive.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nokia Advances with Lumia 610 Dashing Smartphone

Buying power has been reduced tremendously in last decade, not everyone can afford smartphone. The right jump of Nokia into its strategic direction by launching Lumia 610 first Windows Phone based on affordable price.

At Barcelona, Spain – Nokia demonstrated Lumia 610 in its series of products. Nokia Lumio Windows based Phone Qualcomm MSM 7x27 chipset comes with three new Asha feature phones. This new release appeared to be stealth launch of Tango which is continuously bringing down Windows Phone to average consumer. This new phone has only 256 MB of RAM.

Lumia Showcase, highlighting new products

By introducing Nokia Lumia 610 most affordable Windows Phone in marketplace, company has extended its range of products with Windows Phone.

Company is targeting age group and at this point, young people who just want to get Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia provides easy access to the social media networks at the same time it’s much more affordable. Young people were in dire need of something similar to this Phone as they have to access web for accessing social networks, playing games and downloading music.

Nokia Reading is providing a single integrated reading hub which makes it easier to access ebooks, news and catalogues in desired language. The best thing about Nokia Reading is that you can even access the content in offline mode.

Asha Devices

Nokia has dimmed the border between Smart-Phones and feature phones by launching new Asha devices. Asha devices are developed for urban entrepreneurs and general consumers. Asha devices allow mobile experience with calendar and push email and are designed for easy plus faster access to social media. Expectations are, the Asha 202 and 203 would also come with 40 EA games for free. Nokia has also introduced Nokia Life that helps you in parenting, agriculture, education and entertainment.

Sensitive discounts and deals are available for market leading locations. Consumers are also expecting new version of Nokia Drive for Windows Phone to work in offline mode. Nokia Drive might help in re-routing traffic jams.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Increase Reputable Twitter Following--How to let Big Guys Follow You On Twitter

I call Twitter a speedy information dissemination engine. You can not organize scattered information on web easily. The easiest way for doing so is to use Twitter. What it does is that it allows you to follow specific  people and businesses through their individual and professional accounts. This list of people whom you are following share interesting content in their tweets and you can find diversified news on one single place. 

In addition to these benefits Twitter is also used by internet marketing professionals and digital media advertisers. However, it is also true that every person wants a bigger audience who follows him/her. A great following has many benefits which include easy promotion of your views, thoughts and even your business and web sites. Search Engine Optimization experts are of the view that you can get a favorable search ranking and authority for your web site given a large number of people follow your web site's Twitter account and re-share or re-tweet the stuff you post on the account. 

A question arises in minds of many people that how to increase reputable Twitter following? Is there an easy way for doing so? You might have come across people or web sites claiming to give you a 'bazillion' Twitter followers in one week, two weeks or a month. Frankly speaking such services are fake and provide no value to your personal or professional social networking account. Some services might give you followers with the tricks they employ but that can result in negative consequences. 

I would recommend to readers to never trust such services and rather rely on genuine method of increasing twitter followers. 

I have a few tips for this which I am sharing here:

Define your Niche/Audience: 

To get fans you need to define your target audience and share tweets which they find interesting. 

Add Bio: 

Make sure you have Bio written on your account. People do not like to follow unknown accounts. 

Follow Wisely (Like for Like):

Follow the accounts of people wisely. On twitter their are people who want to interact with the people who are related to their profession or any other interest. So make sure that you are following people wisely and they share similar interests with you. 

Use @Mentions Feature With Care:

There is a smart feature @mentions in Twitter. You can use this tool to communicate with the people and send your tweets directly into their profiles. Some people will reply you given how effectively you have communicated with them. 

Do not Post Links All the Time:

Don't act as a loser. Some people would share the promotional links all the time which can force your followers to 'Unfollow' you. It is advised to share interesting tweets and it will not cost you dollars if you post some stuff which is a little different to your business or interests. 

Comment on Websites/Blogs Through Twitter Profile: 

Some web sites and blogs use comment forms that allow you to post comments on their web sites while you are signed in with your Twitter account. If you have posted serious comments that add value to their post the  web site owner or Social Media Manager would follow you back. For instance today I wrote a comment at Knowledge@Wharton Article through my Twitter account, I noticed moments later that Knowledge@Wharton is my Twitter follower. See the images below:

Write Reviews and Share With the Parent Companies/Reviews People

Another good way to get reputable twitter followers is to write a review on your web site or blog about the related products, services and professionals in your niche. The next step that you shall do is that start sharing these reviews with the twitter accounts of the persons and the companies. I have notices that this technique would allow some big guys to follow you back once they see that you have written content about them. Its not a secret that everyone likes to get admired. So if you are going to like others you surely would be liked by others. 

Use #Tag Feature Wisely

In my view #Tag feature is one of the best features in Twitter. It allows people to search a term while adding #before it. You can get only and only information about the topic that you want to search. In short words information from all around the world about any single topic can be accessed with the # Tag feature. What you shall do is to share your tweets with the world by adding relevant #tags to your tweets which will make them visible to anyone in the world searching the related tag/keyword. If your tweets create value for others you will notice that people are becoming your fans.

Participate in Discussions: 

You can avail the opportunity to participate in various discussions carried on Twitter. In this way you can get serious fans for your profile. 

Share Pics and Videos

Some of your pictures and videos can go viral. You can use services such as twitpic to upload and share your photos. If your photos and videos are interesting people will surely follow you back. Also do not forget to add the #feature before sharing any tweet. 

Facebook App for Windows Phone Updated

Users who are using Windows Phone 7 smart phones would have noticed that the primary application for Facebook for Windows Phone has been updated.

In a nutshell the company has done effort to make the app experience similar to how we use Facebook in our PCs and Laptops. In this effort it seems the app for Windows Phone has become a little slower which I personally noted after using it.

Basically there are support for additional features such as Groups, Pages and Status Update Feature. Appararently the app looks better than the previous version but the element of speed is the area which needs improvement.

With the update being thrown there are also some bugs being noted. For instance the Facebook for Windows Phone Facebook Page admin had to admit that they had mistakenly removed event feature from the menu and they are fixing it in the upcoming release for the smartphone app.

The app shows in first look the notifications, messages and friend requests icons at the top right of the app. This can save your time tapping left and right to check for new messages, new notifications and the new friend requests on your Facebook account.

Similarly a new pane has been introduced which displays the groups and pages. Previously Windows Phone users had to go to the internet explorer to communicate and comment on the groups. Now with the new features the users can easily comment into the groups from within the app.

Overall the app's new design get 9 out of the 10 marks. However, Microsoft would have to make sure that the app runs fast from its previous versions or at least matches the previous speed. 

10 Best iPhone/iPad Apps of February 2012

Here are some popular apps for 2012:

1-Vimeo 2.0 iOS App

Vimeo has unleashed new update to iOS application and named it Vimeo 2.0 with somefresh features. Vimeo 2.0 iOS App brings its support for iPad and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.3 and above. New update enables users to edit, upload, mange and watch videos on iOS devices.

Vimeo 2.0 iOS application can be downloaded from Apple iTunes App Store.

2-Polycom RealPresence Mobile

Last year Polycom RealPresence was launched for tablet which was able to connect 16 other callers. Now they have launched something new for smartphones. Polycom RealPresence Mobile App is created to provide sort of similar experience to that of iPad App and is currently available to download from Apple iTunes App Store.

Through this App, Polycom account holders can interact with each other from video conferencing.

Through this App users can collaborate with each other and can swap from video calling to presentation mode that allows you to watch worksheets and keynotes. It’s an appealing feature as you can discuss about important aspects and take out notes and start the discussion again—amazing.

3-Roku iOS Remote App

There is new update from Roku for its iPhone remote control App. Roku iOS Remote App enhances performance with a selection of features. Plus it brings D-Pad keypad option which is extremely beneficial.

There are lots of other buttons through which you can navigate around NetFlix, Crackle or Pandora. New update loads quickly.

This App is available to download form iTunes store.

4-Digital Pillbox App

May not be good for youngsters Digital Pillbox App is seriously important for elders. This Digital Pill box would remind you about the time of medication and right time of pills. Technically speaking, there is no way for an application to hold medicines but it would remind you time of pills. This App is created by Iconosys.

App is available on iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

5-Nike+ Basketball

For fitness enthusiasts, Nike is not new. Nike + Basketball is able to track down how high, low and quick you are on hardcourt as these Nike platforms are connected to digitally enabled footwear.

Nike+ pressure sensor is used to calculate accurate moment and speed of sportsman.

6-Fake Pokemon Game

This Pokemon Game has been removed from the store even after a great weekend sales. In fact Yellowgames are unauthorized and both Apple and Nintendo have not yet issue any statement regarding removal.

There were so many complaints from users that App crashes after download.

7-WiRC Steers

The world of remote controlled vehicles has been changed. These vehicles can be steered by your smartphone. WiRC Steers connects remote controlled vehicle to your iPhone using connection kit.

The newly released WiRC Steer has been created by Dension which controls your vehicles directly through your mobile device.

WiRC Steers is available on App store for free which allows you to drive onscreen using joystick.

8-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Prima World Interactive Map

This Elder Scrolls V: Skrim Official Prima World Interactive Map has been designed by Skyrim’s Prima official game guide’s team.

This Skyrim App includes 9 major hold cites and is free to download from iTunes App Store.

9-Sparrow Mail App Landing

Next version of Sparrow email Mac app would be available in next month, may be by end of march. You can purchase Sparrow Mail App from Mac App Store. This App helps you to organize your emails more productively.

Sparrow team is also working on Android and iPad versions.

10-Nokia’s Pulse App

Nokia’s Pulse is social check-in App and it looks like Nokia is pushing itself in software industry. Nokia’s Pulse is available as Mobile App and is accessible via web.

Some features of Nokia’s Pulse include Group conversations, Live Places and Your People