Monday, October 15, 2012

What Not to Do While You Outsource

There are number of online outsourcing sites; these sites facilitate businesses to outsource their work. No doubt these sites have developed state of the art employer privacy and safety system.  However, risk of scam and fraud cannot be denied at any stage. Therefore, taking precautionary measures for outsourcing actually protects you from scam and fraud.

This article has a list of “not to do” for your outsourced work. You are required to follow the guidelines to achieve your business goals.

List of “not to do” while you outsource:

Always scrutinize service providers
Don’t provide half details of your project
Don’t take communication for granted
Don’t provide any sensitive details
Don’t pay outside of outsourcing sites
Don’t  give fake feedback
Don’t hold down abuse  

Always scrutinize service providers:

Every online outsourcing site contains an inbuilt system which lists the service providers according to their experience, skills and employer feedback. You can easily search them through the available service providers. So, it is your responsibility to scrutinize the experienced, skilled and talented service provider who suits you and can complete your project without any delay or deficiency.  

Don’t provide half details of your projects:

Mostly, employers in hastiness provide half details of their projects. It will result disagreements between employer and service provider. So, always work on your project details and provider complete details to get the right outcome you require.

Don’t take communication for granted:

There are several cases in which employers took internal communication of outsourcing sites for granted. That is why they got the negative results. So, always take internal communication seriously to report your work related queries. It will not only help you to keep track of your project process but also will be helpful if any arbitration takes place.

Don’t provide any sensitive details:

It is your liability to avoid providing sensitive details. These details could be business details, bank information, credit card details or passwords. If you do, it can lead you to abuse or fraud. Therefore, never provide any sensitive details to any provider you are working with.

Don’t pay outside of outsourcing sites:

Paying outside of outsourcing site leaves you unprotected. So, always pay through the outsourcing site you are working on. Not only it will keep you protected but also upgrade your profile.

Don’t give fake feedback:

Mostly employers in courtesy give fake feedback to service providers. Obviously, it is against the business ethics. On the other hand, it will mislead other employers as well. Therefore, always give factual feedback to service providers.

Don’t hold down abuse:

If you receive an abusive message from service provider, it is your duty to report it to the outsourcing site authorities. It may be related to abusive language, pornographic images, low quality content, low quality work, copyright infringement, racist remarks and comments etc. Therefore, it is your duty to report any abuse.

Hereinafter, the above mentioned don’ts can save you from the hassles and you can get the accurate results of your outsourced work.

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