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Is Error 2032 a Virus? Learn How You Can Fix it

Normally, Windows errors come up because of incomplete installation/removal of system applications or Windows Registry redundancy. Nevertheless, the causes of Windows error 2032 also include browser inadequacies and Trojan virus invasion.

This article is written to provide precise solutions to get rid of Windows error 2032. This article is divided into two parts quick checks and technical tweaks.  

First of all make sure the below mentioned simple tweaks. In case, if one of them resolve your problem then you are not required to apply the technology tweaks.

1. Quick checks:

1. Check the proxy settings
2. Check the URL you are opening
3. Check browser Add-ons are working fine
4. Check the restricted website list
5. Check the cookies handling

Check the proxy settings:

Checking proxy settings would resolve error 2032. Follow the steps given below to set proxy.  

·         Go to Start press Run
·         Type RegEdit in Run Box and press Enter or Click Ok
·         Windows Registry Editor will appear before you
·         From left hand side panel open the Registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
·         Double click the ProxyEnable string and replace its value with 0
·         Right click on proxy server and select Delete option
·         Exit Registry Editor and restart Internet Explorer

Check the URL you are opening:

Double check the URL you are opening. Sometimes, wrong spellings cause Error 2032 so make sure you are typing the correct URL.

Check browser Add-ons are working fine:

Make sure the browser Add-ons are working fine. You may check Add-ons through Internet Explorer “No Add-on” mode. Follow the steps given below to check Add-on:

·         Go to Windows Start and then click All Programs
·         Go to Accessories and then click System Tools
·         Click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
·         It will allow you to run Internet Explorer without Add-ons
If Internet Explorer is working fine without Add-ons so perform the steps given below:
·         Launch Internet Explorer
·         Click Tools and then Manage Add-ons
·         Check the working mode of each Add-on one by one  
·         Notice the faulty Add-on and disable it

Check the restricted websites list:

Error 2032 can come up because the URL you want to access is in restricted websites list. You are required to remove this URL from restricted websites list. Follow the steps given below:

·         Launch Internet Explorer
·         Click Tools from the main menu and then press Internet Options
·         Go to Security Tab and then go to Select Restricted domain
·         Click Sites button, it will bring a list of restricted websites
·         Find the URL in restricted websites list
·         Select the URL and press Remove
·         Press Ok I Ok

Check the cookies handling:

Automatic cookies handling is one cause to Error 2032. Disabling automatic cookies handling can resolve this problem. Follow the steps given below to disable automatic cookie handling:

·         Launch Internet Explorer
·         Go to Tools and then Press Privacy Tab
·         Click Advance button from settings
·         Uncheck Override automatic cookie handling
·         Click Ok I OK  

2. Technical tweaks:

1.    Clean browser cache
2.    Uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player
3.    Restore your system  
4.    Remove Trojan virus

Clear Browser cache:

Browser cache is temporary internet file folder. It saves internet files to make browsing fast. Corrupt browser cache files can cause error 2032. Clearing the browser cache can resolve this problem.

·         Go to Wrench at the right corner of Google Chrome
·         Click Wrench – click Tools options and then click Clear Browsing Data
·         Checkmark all the boxes appear in new dialogue box
·         Select time frame “From the Beginning”
·         Press Clear Browsing Data button

Uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player:

Sometimes, incomplete application installation or corrupt application files lead PC to error 2032. Removal and reinstallation of Flash Player can fix error 2032.

·         Go to Windows Start
·         Go to Control Panel and then Programs
·         Select Flash Player and click Uninstall button
·         Follow the onscreen instructions and reboot your system
·         Now reinstall Flash Player  

Restore your system:

Restoring your system settings and configurations to earlier point can resolve error 2032. The steps to restore system are given below:

·         Go to Start then All Programs then Accessories and then System Tools
·         Press System Restore and then Press Next
·         Select restore point and then press Restore my computer button
·         Reboot your system when you receive “Restore process has been finished” message

Remove Trojan virus:

Trojan virus modifies and destroys Windows Registry. On the other hand, removal of Trojan virus from your PC leave number of redundant items that make your system slow.

Removing virus is not the only issues but cleaning redundant Registry items is also important. Keep in mind removing virus and cleaning Registry cannot be performed manually especially when you are not the expert.

You need to get Registry Cleaner/PC Optimizer utility software such as RegInOut. Follow the steps mentioned below to download Registry Cleaner/PC Optimizer utility software and Repair 2032 Error in your PC.

·         Download a Registry/PC Optimizer Software RegInOut
·         Launch the Software
·         Perform full Registry Scan
·         Repair/adjust system registry errors

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