Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Video Editing Software Vs Best Video Editing Software Paid

Video editing is a post production video handling activity. The sequences captured while video production or photo capturing are handled in video editing software to make the videos more arranged and make them more dazzling.

Video editing software contains several editing tools such as trimming the shoots, adding sounds and images, converting videos into High Definition movies, creating 3D effects and inserting credits. However, free and best paid video editing software contains extremely different features and come up with different end results.

In this article you will find comparison of free video editing software versus best video editing software. An evaluation criterion for comparison is based on identifying the need and evaluating the technical factors. These two things are defined hereunder:

  • Identify your need
  • Technical features you will avail

Identifying your need:

One influential factor in any consumer item is its need. Every consumer wants to get things according to his/her needs. Coming to the point – in respect of video editing software consumers are divided into several segment of market. Some are with basic editing needs and some needs professional software.

Need factor and freeware video editing software:

The freeware video editing software’s are not aimed to provide best craft results. So, people with basic need can use Windows Movie Maker a built-in video editing feature in Windows Operating system. Furthermore, you can use number of freeware software’s available over the internet, download and use.

Need factor and best video editing software paid:

Adobe premium pro is one of the best paid video editing software’s. It provides high definition technology to edit videos. In addition, it provides professional editing and develops videos into dazzling HD movies with bloomed sound.

A consumer should have no doubt that advanced and crafted technology is not possible to get as freeware software. Therefore, if you want something extraordinary with your video editing then you have to pay for it.        

Technical features:

Technology advancement is giving more advanced features to make video editing results better. Literally, there is no comparison between freeware and paid video editing software’s when it comes to technical features. You can observe this by goring through the details hereunder:

Technical features and freeware video editing software:

The features which freeware video editing softwares provide are conventional and most of them are not used in professional editing. The most common freeware video editing software you can get easily is Windows Movie Maker. It will give you basic video editing and you will only be able to make a video. The features it provides are:

  • It combines the videos and photos
  • It edits the videos and photos quite easily
  • You can share your videos easily

Therefore, freeware software to edit your video or photo would just basic and conventional editing. You cannot convert your video into a High Definition (HD) dazzling movies.

Technical features and best paid video editing software:

A layman must understand that best paid videos editing softwares like Adobe premium pro contains advanced features such as:

  • High definition support
  • Non destructive editing
  • Full screen playback
  • Storyboard mode
  • Maximum video and audio tracks
  • Linear timecode display
  • GPGPU with OpenCL acceleration

All the above defined features are most advanced features which will definitely make your video a dazzling movie. At the same time, there is a close battle going on between big video editing software brands to get better clutch on advanced technologies.  

Final thoughts:

Finally, there is entirely different audience for free and best paid video editing software. So, each audience targets a video editing product according to its need. If you are also confused then it is recommended that first determine your need and then get video editing software.  

Certainly, if you just need to edit your video so no need to pay for it, you can avail free video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker. Conversely, if you need something extraordinary then you have to pay for it to get technically advanced video editing software. However, editing videos is fun and do have fun!!

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