Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fix Mac Error Code 8003

OS X and Mac users may get error 8003 while trying to empty their Trash. Trash may refuse to empty and come up with this error. You’ll unable to delete the files stored in your Trash.

You’ll receive the following error:
“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred. (Error Code- 8003)”

1. Empty Trash with Command Line Instructions
2. Change File Permissions
3. Use Command + Option + Right Arrow Keys
4. Use a SecureDelete Program
5. Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Empty Trash with Command Line Instructions
If the OS X Trash gives you error 8003 and you cannot delete files then empty Trash with command line instructions. It will remove the .Trash folder of your home directory and file system. Launch Terminal and provide commands specified in the below solution to fix Mac error code 8003:

1. Launch Terminal.app.
2. Type the following commands one by one:
cd /
cd .Trashes
sudo Is –a
(Provide Admin Password)
sudo rm –R
killall Terminal

Caution: Typing invalid command in Terminal can actually halt your system. Hence backup your important files before you do anything.

Change File Permissions
If you’re getting Mac error 8003 while deleting any specific files from the Trash then it might be an issue with file permission. Change file permissions to allow read-write operations.

1. Right a file from your Trash.
2. Press Command + i. Or go to File | Get Info.
3. File Info dialog will open.
4. Expand Sharing and Permissions heading.
5. Allow Read & Write permissions.

Use Command + Option + Right Arrow
If you can’t remove the contents of Trash folder as usual then try some other way. Fix Mac error code 8003 by using Command + Option + Right arrow as below:

1. Open Trash window.
2. Perform Command + Option + Right Arrow. It will select all files in the bin.
3. Again perform Command + Option + Right Arrow.
4. Right click on an empty space within Trash window and select Empty Trash.

Use SecureDelete Program
A SecureDelete program is designed to securely delete files from your hard disk. It can pass several levels of deletion including 7x random DoD passes. Fix Mac error code 8003 by using some third party SecureDelete program and deleting files with it.

1. Download, install and run a SecureDelete program.
2. Go ahead and type your administrative password, hit OK.
3. Check up the option for Secure Delete. It will do just fine to fix the error and remove all contents of your Trash folder.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall Programs
The antivirus and firewall programs installed on your Mac computer can also cause error 8003. To fix Mac error code 8003 disable them. Refer to their manuals or FAQs for more complete information.


  1. The "Use Command + Option + Right Arrow" above seemed to work for me. I was trying to delete some files from a backup hard disk, when it gave me some "Can't Empty Trash" problems - error code -8003. Absolutely ridiculous, Apple. Try to fix this. For those of us who employ Time Machine via a backup hard drive, it is necessary to delete these files many a times, since they accumulate, and use up space on the backup hard disk. To remove them is a pain in the *ss, which shouldn't happen. If it does, try "Use Command + Option + Right Arrow" as stated above. It doesn't seem like much, but it did seem to work for me.

  2. It's not always the Trashcan. I just got the -8003 error when I want to backup a partion with the alt-key to a usb flash drive.
    "The operation can't be accomplished because an unexpected error occured (error code -8803)".
    Now I'm googeling to see what's up. Probably run DiskUtilities first :-/


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