Monday, July 9, 2012

Is Your MAC Crashing During Software Upgrade? Here is How to Fix it

Is your MAC crashing during software upgrade or during the updates? If yes, follow these simple instructions given below to fix the problem.

Use Internet Recovery:

MAC crashing during software upgrade can be fixed by booting into recovery mode. Here is how to do it.

1. Restart MAC, press and hold Command + R
2. Select Re-install OS X” | Enter Apple ID
3. Internet recovery would fix it.  

Restore from Recent Backup:

If you are creating regular Time Machine backups, this method would be practical for you to fix MAC crashing during software upgrade.  Below are steps to restore from recent backup.

1. Restart MAC, press and hold Command + R | Enter into recovery mode
2. Choose Time MAchine and Restore from boot menu.
3. Follow onscreen wizard.

Run Disk Utility to Repair Disk and Repairing Disk Permissions:

You should run disk utility in order to fix MAC crashing during software upgrade. Disk utility is built-in utility, you can find it in utilities folder. Repairing disk permissions is important especially after installing/uninstalling apps. Disk repair would verify the boot volume at any time. Disk utility would handle bad blocks and errors on disk.  

Keep MAC Updated:

It is vital to keep your OS updated. You should periodically run software update, updates normally come to fix bugs, fix security loopholes and enhance OS features. Software update is set to check once in a week but you have to manually check MAC app store. Keep your MAC updated to avoid MAC crashing during software upgrade.

Clean Items from Desktop:

If you have lots of files on your desktop, it would slow down your OS. Slow performance due to desktop items is less noticeable on new machines but it affects performance because each file takes up RAM and other resources. You can get some app to automatically remove desktop items or manually drag items to trash.

Backup MAC:

If your MAC is crashing during software upgrade, you should perform regular backups in order to quickly recover your OS from potential disaster. Use Time Machine backup, the simplest solution. Get an external hard drive and configure Time Machine through system preferences.

Reinstall OS:

If your MAC is completely crashed during software upgrade, you can use this approach.

1. Connect USB drive to MAC | Restart your system | Hold the option key
2. From the boot menu, select Lion boot disk
3. Reinstall IS X from options.

MAC crashes during software update is rare, yet it happens. You are, therefore, advised to backup MAC using Time Machine. 

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