Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fix Mac Error Code 36

When copying files from a Maxtor USB to another Iomega External Hard Disk Drive, you might receive error code 36 on Mac operating system. In this article we will go through several ways to fix Mac error code 36 your own.

· Use Terminal to Fix Issue with Windows Compatible Volume

· Use Plain Text Passwords

· Use Mac Cleaner/ Optimizer

· Check File Permissions

TIP: Download MAC Error 36 Repair Tool for Instant Fix

Use Terminal to Fix Issue with Windows Compatible Volume

Mac error 36 can occur if there is problem with the folders from Windows compatible volume which get moved in Mac. Fix the problem by running the following command:

1. Go to Apple.

2. Select Applications | Utilities | Terminal.

3. In the Terminal window type the following command and make sure to include a SPACE at its end:


4. Now drag the folder from your hard disk which is having problem. The system should automatically generate a command similar to the following one:

dot_clean /Users/<Your User Name Here>/Desktop/<Problematic Folder Name>

5. Press Return. It will fix error 36.

Use Plain Text Passwords

Mac error 36 can occur if your computer is not configured to use plain text passwords. If you are the administrator take the following steps:

1. Disconnect with Windows or Samba servers that could be already connected. If Mac error code 36 is open close it as well.

2. Again, go to Apple | Applications | Utilities | Terminal.

3. In the Terminal window type the following command:

Sudo pico /etc/nsmb.config

4. Press Return.

5. You might be asked to provide administrative password. Enter it and then press Return.

6. Under Pico Window do you see any empty file or a New File notice? If so, jump to Step 7 below. If you do not see then the file can already exist so do not continue with the following steps.

7. Enter following command into the new file:



8. Press Control-O and then press Return to save the file.

9. Exit Pico by clicking Control-X.

10. Type the following command and press Return:

Sudo chmod a+r /etc/nsmb.conf

11. Once you finish doing these steps reboot your computer to fix error 36.

Use Mac Cleaner/ Optimizer

The best and simplest way to fix Mac error 36 is to use Mac Cleaner/ Optimizer software such as MacKeeper. Download it and follow the instructions on your screen to let it fix the problem its own.

Check File Permissions

You may receive error 36 if you do not have access to the file that you was trying to copy. Change the ownership and permissions of the file to fix Mac error code 36.

1. Launch Finder.

2. Go to the parent folder where the file is located.

3. Look into Permissions and Sharing section. Check user name, file group, and ‘everyone’ tick mark.

4. Provide read access to the file to take ownership of it. It will fix Mac error 36.

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