Monday, July 9, 2012

Fix Fallout 3 Crash in MACBOOK Pro

MACKBOOK Pro is one of the systems in Macintosh fastest computer lineup that provides extra computing efficiency especially when you play games. Keeping in mind the troubles, we have sorted out solutions about how to fix Fallout 3 crash in MACBOOK Pro.

  1. Compatible Operating System
  2. Upgrade video drivers
  3. Disable visual themes
  4. Lower down the graphics
  5. Install latest patch
Compatible Operating System:

First of all it is necessary to check the Operating System. The compatible one is Windows 7 x 64. Mostly Fallout 3 crash issue is fixed in MACBOOk Pro by installing the compatible Operating System.

Upgrade video drivers:

The crashes occur due to outdated video drivers. You are required to upgrade video card drivers for smooth running of Fallout 3 in your MACBOOK Pro. Nvidia 9400M is recommended.

Disable visual themes:

Disabling visual themes can resolve Fallout 3 crash in MACBOOk Pro. You just need to perform the steps given below:

  • Go to My Computer
  • Go to Local Disk > Program files > Fallout 3 > locate Fallout3.exe > right click and press Properties
  • Press Compatibility tab > check disable visual themes

Lower down the graphics:

High graphics in MACBOOK Pro can also cause Fallout 3 crash. Hence, you are required to lower down the graphics. At the same time, the recommended specification for graphics is GeForce 6800.

Install latest patch:

Patches are made in accordance to error deterrence. Therefore, it is essential that you install the latest patch which definitely helps you to remove the crashes. The last updated patch was 1.7. However, you need to check the most recent patch to fix Fallout 3 crash in MACBOOK Pro.

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