Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Fix Gaming Lag on MAC

This is very basic rule; in order to fix gaming lag on MAC, your machine needs to be compatible with game--it means that you may need to spend some money getting new hardware components. Well, upgrading your hardware may not necessarily fix lags while this could cost you money as well.

Below are some suggestions for those looking to fix gaming lag on MAC. Steps written below are not challenging enough to understand.

Wondering which should be the first step to improve performance of games on MAC? The answer is your hardware components should be compatible with installed game. Okay, let's move.

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Uninstall Unwanted Apps:

As a gaming enthusiast, you download lots of programs/apps, game trailers and videos. Oftentimes you forget removing those apps which aren’t in your use. Your apps folder can be over-filled with unnecessary stuff. These apps consume disk space due to which you experience noticeable lags, delays and jerkiness while playing games.

Traditional Windows users would remove things through Windows CP ( Control Panel) but in MAC OS no such thing exists. You simply need to go to apps folder and throw unwanted apps to trash. Once you drag them to trash, you would realize games are no more lagging.

Free Up Your Dashboard:

Often MAC users have too much widgets in Dashboard, every widget is hogging your system’s memory which leaves less memory for the game. Clearing your dashboard should help fixing game lags on MAC.  

Update MAC:
Another reason behind gaming lags on MAC could be that you are running outdated apps/build. Fresh builds are efficient, hence, players choose fresh builds to play games on MAC. You are already downloading/updating apps then why not your OS (Operating System)? Yes, try MAC OS X which is latest and probably greatest for all apps including games. So, updating MAC OS should help fixing game lags on your MAC.

Update Graphics Driver:

If you are on MAC OS X, graphics driver would be part of your OS and the only way to upgrade driver is upgrading entire operating system. Follow the procedure given below.

1. Click on Apple logo | Software Update
2. Check if MAC OS X update is available. If there is update for your graphics driver, it would be included here.

Get smcFanControler:

Framerate issues with your game can cause lags after playing game for few minutes. Before you start upgrading your hardware specs and updating your operating system, there is simple solution. Game lags can be due to overheating. To solve this problem, you need to reduce the temperature, it would automatically fix gaming lags on MAC. To reduce the temperature, you need to get smcFanControler which is free to download. It enables you to play game without lags.

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