Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Consumerization of IT in Organizations

Today employees have more options, flexibility and choice to use their personal devices at workplace. Wide range of sophisticated devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs are fervently used at offices which has increased the chances of workplace information security breach. A lot of corporations are facing this dilemma to regain control over network communications in a way that does not create technology and communication infrastructure problems. Technology advancements have made it possible for human resources to use portable devices which they carry back to their homes. At this point comes a risk for enterprises that want to ensure that no confidential information is leaked out.

Easy-to-use services such as SaaS apps, Dropbox, Skype, Google Apps and social networks put IT consumerization on push button. Consumerization of IT provides potential benefits to businesses, however, employers (enterprises) can foresee security and privacy risks. 75% in United States say ‘Yes’ to Consumerization, 59% in Germany while 36% in Japan say the same. The trend of adopting IT consumerization varies with reference to industry.

Large enterprises are still focusing more on provisioning and controlling information assets even though consumerization is tilting balance between control and freedom. On the other hand research on IT consumerization show that IT groups are feeling pressure to manage and connect the networks as there are different operating systems and personal devices. Besides this, management companies are still using past model of standards and privacy which means companies are lacking necessary tools for security and privacy.

If employees are using their personal devices in office, there is high need of proper policies and standards to maintain privacy of organization. Organization can allow you to Bring your own Device if proper policies and tools are in place. To utilize Consumerization of IT at full power and to obtain productivity, data security vendors can play vital role by introducing new applications to ensure security at enterprise level.

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