Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Take Gmail Backup

You, me and lot of other are regularly using Gmail to get connected with our professional and personal fellows. If our email id gets down, it will be a great loss for each of us on individual level. Actually, it happened in reality. Gmail users faced this situation in March, 2011. It was the time when almost 0.02% i.e. more than forty thousand Gmail users were affected by a bug. That bug made them unable to access their Gmail account. Cause of that bug was storage software update. This event left Gmail users mindful about their mails.

But, now you can take Gmail Backup. Google, the big giant in the industry, has developed new storage software which enables you to take email backup and save your precious communications in a local folder. It provides you complete backup system and stores your communication along attachments. So, now you can save your communications to local folder in your computer. Steps to install the storage software and take Gmail Backup are as under:

·         Download Gmail storage software from

·         Install the software, after installation you can launch it from your start menu and it will look like that:

Now in your Gmail Backup software you:

·         Need to put your E-mail address and password in the relevant fields to activate the software
·         Need to select the destination folder where you want to store your data
·         Need to select the period “Since” and “Before” to specify the mails you want to store
After going through the above process, Gmail storage software will look like that:

Now you need to click the backup button and you will have local copy of your Gmail messages with all attachments. After storing your emails in local folder the folder will look like that:

You can open all your E-mails stored at local disk in Outlook Express or similar program. It is not the end.You can restore your local emails again to Gmail by clicking the restore button and it looks like that:

Now getting Gmail Backup is as easy as clicks. Go and get your Gmail Backup. 

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