Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Make a YouTube Video - A Tutorial

YouTube is a great medium to share your videos with millions of people around the world. It is widely used for sharing videos which are dedicated to a particular group of people. Hundreds of thousands of new videos are daily uploaded on it. They could be anything including entertaining, informative tutorial, TV shows, movie trailers, family videos, birthday celebrations and so on.

If you’re curious to know how to make a YouTube video you have come at the right place. We will teach you how to make a YouTube video and upload it there. Let’s begin!

Download this MuveeReveal X for easiest movie editing.

Introducing muvee Reveal X

1. Open your web browser and visit YouTube website: http://www.youtube.com/  On the upper right hand side click Create Account link. (See following figure)

2. In the new page fill-out the form. Provide basic details such as your name, the username of your Google account, birth date, gender, mobile number and current email address. Specify a strong password for your YouTube account and enter the capache shown in the image.

Agree with the Google Terms of Service and click Next Step button.

 3. You'll be asked to upload your profile image. Click Add Profile Photo button.

4. In the Photo Upload screen click Select a Photo from your Computer button.

5. Browse and select the image that you wish to keep as your YouTube Profile Picture. Then in the Image Crop screen, crop it and then click Set as Profile Picture button.

6. Click Next after a message appears telling the photo was successfully uploaded.

7. Your new YouTube account will be created. You'll see the following screen on your desk:

8. Now, download Windows Movie Maker free-of-cost from the following website. It's a part of Windows Live Essentials software. This is a basic tool. If you are looking for advanced technology to make a Youtube video which is high in quality use the tool mentioned above.

9. Click Download Now button.

10. Once the download is finished only install Windows Movie Maker on your computer and then run it.

11. First connect your webcam to your computer. Then on the ribbon interface click Webcam Video icon under Home tab.

12. Under Webcam tab, click Record icon to start recording from your webcam.

13. The video recording would start. You'll see the following screen:

14. When you finished recording the video, click Stop button and then save the recording as a file. Provide a file name, select a parent directory and then click Save.

15. You can play, rewind and forward the video sequences/ slides using the following slidebar.

16. Select a movie theme for your slides.

17. Select animations as below:

18. You can zoom some slides if you wish to do so.

19. Set Visual Effects for selected sides.

20. You can record your sound using Sound Recorder application in Windows 7. Click Start, type Sound Recorder in the Search box and press ENTER.

To start recording, click Start Recording and follow it.

21. You can adjust the volume of your video.

22. Now save the video by clicking Save icon. Provide a file name, select a parent directory and save it.

23. It's time to publish your video on YouTube. You have two options to do so-

First option is to use Publish Movie on YouTube icon in Windows Live Movie Maker. And the second option is to go to YouTube website and upload video manually.

Select the best resolution for your video. In my case, the Movie Maker recommended 320*240 resolution.

Sign-in to Windows Live email account. If you don't have it then create a new by clicking Sign-Up link.

Alternatively, go to YouTube website and use the Upload link to manually upload the video and publish it.

You're done! Enjoy!!

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