Thursday, May 17, 2012

Atikmdag.sys BSOD

Computer is designed to facilitate you in your daily tasks. The blue screen is one error which brings blue screen on the monitor and needs to restart or reboot your machine. This article will provide you information about how to troubleshoot Atikmdag.sys BSOD problem in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Why blue screen error occurs?

Most of the time blue screen comes while launching game or video application. Suddenly your system or the application you are using would freeze or crash. In addition, system might automatically exits application and shows desktop. Eventually, you will be diverted to a blue screen on your computer. Sometimes, it displays an error message on your monitor screen stating that “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”. It may refer some display drive files.
What is the major cause?

Major case of error Atikmdag.sys BSOD is Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR). Usually the inbuilt feature of Windows Vista and Windows 7 recognize that the Graphic Card (GPU) is not responding with the predetermined timing. However, this is not the only cause; there are several other issues which cause TDR. These issues are briefed as under:

Your system may have inadequate PSU:

It might be an issue of inadequate power supply (PSU). For power supply adequacy you need to contact to a hardware expert.

It can be a hardware issue:

Several time blue screen troubles occur when RAM, motherboard, processor or graphic card would be instable. So, it is not a layman task to determine and resolve this trouble. Again you need to contact your hardware expert.

Error occurs while using a specific application:

If you detect that Atikmdag.sys BSOD error occurs while using a specific application. It could be trouble in this particular application. It is recommended to reinstall and check the installation runs cleanly.

It could be an issue in your Operating System:

In many cases the blue screen appears when your system’s Operating System have corrupt registry files. You need to clean your system with a quality Registry Cleaner/PC Optimizer regularly. It will resolve Atikmdag.sys BSOD issue with your system.

We have identified and explained the causes of blue screen error. Apply them to your system and you will find the solutions suggested above the resolving ones. Have fun!!

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