Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why Password Manager Software is Essential?

Password manager software is essential to save your time and organize your favorite websites without spending too much time entering login information. Password manager is used to store your passwords in database and to insert account information in web forms automatically. During data transfers and carrying on online transaction a good password manager programs uses encryption methods due to which your information remains secure. 

Security and Efficiency for Individual Users:
Password manager tool bypasses any malfunctioning keyloggers and logs you into the web sites without manually entering information through keyboard. Whether you are working in cloud environment or locally on single unit—security is a must.

Security and Efficiency for Business and Power Users
Managing your social networks is not an easy task if you are a power internet or business user with many accounts created on different web sites. Almost all businesses have some activity on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Business owners always choose difficult passwords (strong passwords—combination of alphabetic and alphanumeric/special characters) to avoid password hacking. At the same time, they have to set different passwords for different accounts. The same is true for the power users. In this situation Password manager software can make your life easier in case you always forget your complicated passwords. 

Multiple Passwords and How to Deal with this Data Load
To hold multiple passwords in your brain is difficult. Password for your cell PIN code, a password for your iPhone, a password for iPod, a password for your chatting messengers, a password for your social media websites, a password for your business website, a password for your blog and a password to login to your email-box. Are not these too many passwords to remember? Would not you prefer a secure tool that saves all that information for you?

How Traditional PC users cope with Numerous Passwords
For a PC user there is one manual method to write down all passwords in a document and save that document on a secure location. To keep track of these passwords you need to access this file every time you try logging into a website. Besides security issues, you have to insert login information whenever you visit the website. Password manager software can automatically log you to the web sites you visit frequently.  

Top reasons to use Password Manager Software

--You do not need to type passwords.

--You do not need to remember multiple passwords as the software logs you in automatically to the web sites you visit daily.

--Keyloggers cannot mask your keystrokes.

--Nobody can access your password sheet.

Worried about remembering so many passwords? I would recommend using some reputable Password Manager to avoid this hassle. 

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