Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SWTOR Error 9000—How to Fix SWTOR Error 9000 in PC

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) is an adorable multiplayer online game developed by BioWare. The game runs with few glitches, however, sometimes users face a number of errors such as the SWTOR error 9000.

Below are outlined instructions to help you resolve SWOTR error 9000 and to boost overall gaming performance.

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Log ON using Administrator Login:

If you are logged to your system with a USER account, immediately log off and log back using Admin account. Follow the steps given below to safely log back using Admin account.

1. Save your important data.

2. Close all active applications | Click on Start

3. Select Log OFF | Now Log ON using Administrative privileges

4. Try playing game without SWTOR error 9000.

Run SWTOR in Compatibility Mode:

You should run game in compatibility mode in order to fix SWTOR error 9000. Follow the instructions given below to run SWTOR in compatibility mode.

1. Locate the path of SWTOR.

2. Right click on SWTOR.EXE file | Select Properties

3. Choose compatibility mode for your platform.

Turn OFF your Firewall Temporarily:

Firewall can restrict you to play the game. Turn OFF your firewall to fix SWTOR error 9000 on your system.

1. Click on Start | Control Panel

2. Search for Firewall | Double click on Windows Firewall

3. Click on Turn ON or OFF Windows Firewall | Insert Admin password if prompted for authentication.

4. Click on Turn OFF Windows Firewall | OK

You can also lower firewall settings and do port forwarding on your router and firewall on TCP 8995, TCP 12000-12999 and TCP 20000-30000 port numbers.

Enable DMZ Mode on Your Router:

Try enabling DMZ mode on your router to avoid from SWTOR error 9000 on your system. Open your web browser and type to go to your router’s homepage. If you are not tech savvy, contact your service provider—they would help you enabling DMZ mode on your router.

Disable Background Running Programs:

Background running applications can interfere with your game which leads to slow downs and other freezing issues. Disable background running programs using built-in Microsoft Configuration Utility. Follow the steps given below to disable background running program.

1. Click on Start | Search

2. Type “msconfig” without quotes and press Enter

3. Click on Startup tab | Uncheck start up items

4. Click on Services Tab | Uncheck unwanted services, especially your antivirus program before playing game.

5. OK | Restart your system

Repair Windows Registry:

Windows registry is database where games settings are stored in form of entries.  To improve performance of SWTOR; should repair Windows registry using some secure registry cleanup tool such as RegInOut.  

1. Download and Install some reliable registry repair tool

2. Start full registry scan | Repair Errors

3. Restart your system.

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  1. Complete garbage! I was beta tester. Played into replease and started having this happen. I tried all this with Support and Developers and it did not fix the problem. The issue is in the game and the SWTOR servers. Consider this, if the game plays fine one day and not the next or later the same day then then it is not the computer but the server as 99% of users done make system communication changes to the working machine. If it was a user mahcine error then the odds are other online games would also have issues that used the same ports. I play three online games and none of them had issues like SWTOR did. I played one night with constant Error 9000, quit and then went to dinner, came back home and tried again, worked fine. Got into a group for a mission and we got part way into the stops when it started happening to one of the other players not to me. If it was my machine, as they often claimed then it would happen each use (without change) and yet it did not. This was, and from the posts I see on google search, is an ongoing issue with the game that is still being blamed on the user and not fixed. That is what is killing the game.


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