Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Speed Up Minecraft?

One big concern with Minecraft is that it is pretty resource intensive and lags continuously. No matter how old your computer is, the slowdown in performance is very common. This tutorial outlines the most common reasons behind this problem.

Quick Fix-It:
  • Update Java Software
  • Set High Priority
  • Upgrade your Hardware
  • Optimize Registry Performance
  • Use Full Screen Mode

Tip: Use Game Boost Feature of RegInOut to Optimize Minecraft

Update Java Software
A software designed using Java programming language requires you to have the latest version of Java software installed. To make a good impact on the in-game performance of Minecraft you need to update Java software.

  1. Visit the official website of Java:
  2. Click the red coloured Free Java Download button.
  3. Wait till the download is finished. After downloading run it and install the software.
Set High Priority
Each program and game running on your computer is shown under Task Manager. To speed up Minecraft and reduce its lags, choose High Priority for it from Task Manager.
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Select Start Task Manager in the full screen window.
  2. Under Task Manager window, click Processes tab, right click Minecraft.exe or other launcher file and select Set Priority | High.
Upgrade your Hardware
The best way to speed up Minecraft is to know which parts/ components of your computer are older. Often it is seen that Minecraft runs slower and slower just because you have inadequate RAM, lower sized hard disk or an older processor.

Fortunately, in Windows there is a tool called Windows Experience Index which will automatically search for deficiencies in your computer hardware and gives appropriate recommendations. Do following steps:

  1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
  2. Type the following address in the Address Bar of the Control Panel window and press ENTER:
  3. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools
  4. Click Rate this Computer button.
  5. The process will start. It may take few minutes and results will appear on your screen. Accordingly upgrade hardware.
Optimize Registry Performance
Unless and until your registry performance is boosted, programs and games will not accelerate. To speed up Minecraft you need to take care that the registry is defragmented and clean. Download a Registry Optimizer tool such as REGINOUT. Full scan the registry and clean all empty entries & errors found in it. Thereafter start the registry defragmentation process.

Use Full Screen Mode
Were you playing Minecraft in the Windowed Mode? If so try playing it in the Full Screen Mode so as to speed up its performance and reduce constant lags.

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  1. Finally, I've found a way how I can speed up this game, because it works so slowly and it's annoying... I really want to play it. I've tried so many things, but without any success. Hopefully, it'll work, if not I'll ask help from a friend who works at IT consultancy Toronto... I'm sure he'll gave me good tips and advice!


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