Sunday, April 8, 2012

First LTE Samsung Galaxy S Aviator-- Unveiled by US Cellular

Samsung Mobile along with U.S Cellular has announced First LET Samsung Galaxy S Aviator. LTE Samsung Galaxy S aviator is your connection to entertainment with slim design said by U.S Cellular. This device has 4.3’AMOLED Plus screen and is powered by Android OS. This smartphone provides you ultra sharp images and runs on 4G LTE. You can experience front facing camera for smooth video chatting. Additionally it has 8 Megapixel back camera for capturing moments.  Downloading movies and watching your favorite TV shows is real fun.  

Key features of LTE Samsung Glaxy S Aviator are Hummingbird 1 GHz processor, 1.4GB of storage, 1.3 front camera for video chatting, 8 megapixel of rear camera, 1600mAH battery, HDMI port and access to Google Play. US Cellular customers in North Carolina, Texax, Oklahoma, Lowa, Maine and Wisconsin can access LTE connectivity. By the end of year almost 54% of US Cellular customers would be able to access LTE connectivity. They have started with price tag of USD 199.9, however, in certain regions price would be under hundred for limit time period. You can get LTE Samsung Galaxy S Aviator online and from stores as well.

US Cellular customers have already enjoyed carrier’s high speed  on 3G data service, this 4G LTE is build on same data service. Customers of US Cellular would enjoy some unique features such as free overage protection, no contracts resigning and free battery swap. This would help customers referring friends and timely paying bills.

LTE Samsung Galaxy S Aviator is almost 5 ounces heavy, it means slim and light device. Device works on 5.11” x  2.66”  x  0.46” dimensions. The talk time of device is more than 6 hours it is equipped with 1600 mAH Lithium-ion battery. The standby time of device is up to 13 days with 3G CDMA  800/1900MHz EvDo Rev A/4G LTE.

For further details please visit US Cellular

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