Friday, March 30, 2012

YouTube Tool Will Protect Privacy by Blurring Faces

You can protect your privacy using YouTube tool to blur faces. So, if you are interested in appearing in online videos with desire of hiding your face—YouTube tool can help.
So many people were complaining to human rights community about their privacy issues. You are allowed to blur your face in any YouTube video through Google’s YouTube Tool which is under development. Using this tool, video makers can easily blur the faces of people in videos.

In still images Google was able to blur faces but now they have deployed technology to apply that blur effect on animated objects.

This technology is under progress and within few months you can expect from YouTube to provide you this tool through which you can obscure faces. This news was announced by Victoria Grand, YouTube Director of global communications and policy in panel discussion at GBT (Google Big Tent). Grand further addressed that human rights community was in contact with YouTube to blur faces in YouTube Videos for several years. Obscuring faces in animated objects is not rocket science—you just need to enable rights on videos through software. You can search on YouTube videos for technology to blur faces in videos and you would get many videos on how to do so. Most of the users are uploading videos without post production or without editing those videos.

Currently YouTube is working on Blurring tool through which you can edit faces—there is no need of additional programs. In the discussion Grant further explained that in YouTube Blurring Tool there would be an option to deal with privacy. She said when we receive those complaints—we remove video from channel within two days. If your complained is not resolved, you can expect video to be removed from channel sooner.

Once Google made YouTube Blur Tool available, video creators would have option to obscure the face from complaints videos. 

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