Monday, March 5, 2012

WOW Error 134

There are many users who suffer problems playing World of Warcraft. When trying to log-in, your computer may show the following error message:

WOW Error 134 (Fatal Condition):
Unable to initalize archive. Press OK to terminate.

In such cases you’ll not have any option than to terminate the game. The next time you start it and log-in to your account, the same error is displayed.
  • Run Extended Memory Test
  • Use a Registry Repair
  • Update DirectX
  • Run Check Disk
  • Delete a Program File
  • Set a Lower Resolution
  • Perform Reinstall/ Repair
  • Disable Antivirus Program

Run Extended Memory Test
Check the computer’s physical memory for problems. You can prevent WOW error 134 by identifying and fixing problems with your Random Access Memory (RAM).
Windows Memory Diagnostic

  1. Visit Windows Memory Diagnostic Download Page on Microsoft website.
  2. Click Download Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  3. Download the file mtinst.exe. Follow the on screen instructions.

Use a Registry Repair
A Registry Repair is a small utility program designed to find and delete the registry errors. World of Warcraft is crashing with error 134 because some of the portions of your registry are corrupted. Clean them by downloading a Registry Repair.

Update DirectX
From the official website of Microsoft, download the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. Once you finish installing it, try running World of Warcraft.

Run Check Disk
Check Disk

If the problem belongs to your hard disk then running Check Disk utility can fix WOW error 134. Open My Computer, right click a partition, click Tools and then Check Now.

Delete a Program File
If the file expansion3-speech-enUS.MPQ located in the World of Warcraft directory is corrupted, there increases the chances of getting WOW error 134.
  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Double click C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\EnUS
  3. Right click the file Expansion3-Speech-EnUS.MPQ and select the Delete option.
  4. Restart WOW.

Set a Lower Resolution
Setting up a lower resolution can fix WOW error 134. Right click any empty space on your desktop, select Screen Resolution. From the Resolution drop down box, select a lower screen resolution and click Apply | OK.
Perform Reinstall/ Repair
Reinstalling the whole game can help you fix WOW error 134. Follow the guidelines given below:
  1. Click Start, select Control Panel.
  2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
  3. Select World of Warcraft from the list that appears. Click the Change button.
  4. Select the option Reinstall/ Repair this program and click Next.
  5. Follow it your own and restart the PC when you’re done.

Disable Antivirus Program
If there is any antivirus program running whenever you’re playing WOW, then disable it or at least the real time protection feature. Search for its icon in the system tray of your Taskbar and there would be any option similar to Disable Protection.

Select a Lower Resolution

Error # 134 (Fatal Condition): Unable to initialize archive.

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