Monday, March 12, 2012

Verisign and Norton Deal -- Trust Seals by Verisign Will Have a New Look from April 2012

In the internet world the web sites which display security seals such as Mcafee Secured, TRUSTe and Verisign seals are deemed more authentic. This is especially true for the web sites run by small businesses. Currently Mcafee Inc has a lot of business clients. And now it seems Norton too wants to join this race of providing web site security seals to the web masters and add to its revenue stream. A deal has been struck between the popular seal provider Verisign and the antivirus publisher Norton. From April 2012 all the seals from Verisign will be branded as Norton Secured.

Verisign is a name of trust when it comes to World Wide Web. Daily tens of millions of internet users see Verisign seals on different web sites. It is a known fact that there many fraudulent web sites operating that distribute poor content and try to steal users money or personal information. Layman internet users have very few ways to determine whether a web site is authentic or not. However, expert internet users can easily find out  which web site is secure by looking at key indicators. Normally the companies like Verisign, COMODO, MCafee and TRUSTe provide seals to those web masters who have provided documentary proofs about the nature of their business.

For instance, if you publish a software you would have to bypass various tests by these security seals providers which will authenticate that the software hosted on your web site is safe to use and distribute. It is a long process and takes quite a few days.

Currently there are different kinds of seals provided by Verisign which include Code Signing, Trust Seals and SSL Certificates.

The deal between Verisign and Norton will give a boost to the Norton. There is very high competition in the antivirus market and this initiative will diversify their revenue sources.

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