Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PC Vs Tablets--Will Tablets Replace PCs ?

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PC Vs Tablets—will Tablets replace PCs? It is heated topic in technology circles. After iPad’s new version launch which is to come up with broad resolution, sale of iPad would drastically improve. Apple is continuously refining devices for faster processors, speedy networks and better outlook. Obviously tablets are on fire

Other smartphones running Android OS can perform better and are convenient because of portable functionality. All of us doctors, business executives, writers, designers, and engineers need computing machines. In this article, we shall classify both PCs and Tablets.

PC’s importance
Majority of consumers interact with their workstation through keyboard. This probably is most important difference between PCs and Tablets. Almost all of us prefer traditional keyboard to type lengthy documents and other activities involving humans and internet .

Tablet’s importance
Tablets are portable and users prefer portable devices. Now Tablets are available with bigger screen which is good and bad at the same time. Tablets can be used in short meetings such as you can use it to demonstrate your service or promotion in a business meeting.

PCs Vs Tablets Performance
PCs perform better than Tablets in performance. For instance, for some users watching videos on large screen PCs and laptops is more fun than the tablet PCs. Besides videos typing is another concern of many users. You can type quickly using keyboard. When using Tablets, you need to heavily rely on touch-screen keypad. Performance of your PC is still faster than performance of Tablet device.

PCs Vs Tablets Compatibility
Compatibility is one among biggest issues when you compare PCs to tablets. Tablets need to be mature in hardware and software. Tablets are convenient for storage, however, sometimes this mice does not work well and connecting to printer device is mess. PCs are good as you can use CD/DVD ROM.
Aside hardware, there are some programs which are not compatible with Tablets. Few apps may not replace software. Adobe products are not convenient with tablets. Media is another aspect.

PCs Vs Tablets Media
Tablets are great entertainment devices if you skip media compatibility. Tablets are on fire with social networks, music, videos and images etc. Apps and widgets can make big difference by enabling you to access multiple emails and YouTube videos. PC browsers are different than you use in Tablets, things work differently in both browsers. I would like to say, PC browsers are more convenient.

PCs Vs Tablets Productivity
It truly depends on what you are looking for. For small tasks such as replying an email or to monitor on-going activities within your remote office, tablets are best. But if you have complex programs, you need PCs. For small business presentations, you just need a tablet device. PCs are also productive when you copy and paste among documents.

PCs Vs Tablets Cost
Tablets are new in marketplace and their prices are higher than traditional PCs. For average consumers, buying a tablet device is far more costly than a PC. PCs are clear winners in cost comparison.

PCs Vs Tablets for Power-users
Tablets are popular because you can easily use them. For power users (business users) PCs are best because having PC at least you feel secure about data. Tablets are sensitive devices and have shorter life span than PCs.

Now back to our initial debate PCs Vs Tablets—will Tablets replace PCs? No-- at least not in this decade. At this point, tablet has fairly serious competition with Smartphone.

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  1. Google is to unveil a smaller, cheaper Android rival to Apple’s iPad in partnership with tablet-maker Asus. The tablet could sell for tablet pcs and reviwes as little as £130, and will have a seven-inch screen.


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