Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nokia Advances with Lumia 610 Dashing Smartphone

Buying power has been reduced tremendously in last decade, not everyone can afford smartphone. The right jump of Nokia into its strategic direction by launching Lumia 610 first Windows Phone based on affordable price.

At Barcelona, Spain – Nokia demonstrated Lumia 610 in its series of products. Nokia Lumio Windows based Phone Qualcomm MSM 7x27 chipset comes with three new Asha feature phones. This new release appeared to be stealth launch of Tango which is continuously bringing down Windows Phone to average consumer. This new phone has only 256 MB of RAM.

Lumia Showcase, highlighting new products

By introducing Nokia Lumia 610 most affordable Windows Phone in marketplace, company has extended its range of products with Windows Phone.

Company is targeting age group and at this point, young people who just want to get Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia provides easy access to the social media networks at the same time it’s much more affordable. Young people were in dire need of something similar to this Phone as they have to access web for accessing social networks, playing games and downloading music.

Nokia Reading is providing a single integrated reading hub which makes it easier to access ebooks, news and catalogues in desired language. The best thing about Nokia Reading is that you can even access the content in offline mode.

Asha Devices

Nokia has dimmed the border between Smart-Phones and feature phones by launching new Asha devices. Asha devices are developed for urban entrepreneurs and general consumers. Asha devices allow mobile experience with calendar and push email and are designed for easy plus faster access to social media. Expectations are, the Asha 202 and 203 would also come with 40 EA games for free. Nokia has also introduced Nokia Life that helps you in parenting, agriculture, education and entertainment.

Sensitive discounts and deals are available for market leading locations. Consumers are also expecting new version of Nokia Drive for Windows Phone to work in offline mode. Nokia Drive might help in re-routing traffic jams.

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