Thursday, March 1, 2012

Facebook App for Windows Phone Updated

Users who are using Windows Phone 7 smart phones would have noticed that the primary application for Facebook for Windows Phone has been updated.

In a nutshell the company has done effort to make the app experience similar to how we use Facebook in our PCs and Laptops. In this effort it seems the app for Windows Phone has become a little slower which I personally noted after using it.

Basically there are support for additional features such as Groups, Pages and Status Update Feature. Appararently the app looks better than the previous version but the element of speed is the area which needs improvement.

With the update being thrown there are also some bugs being noted. For instance the Facebook for Windows Phone Facebook Page admin had to admit that they had mistakenly removed event feature from the menu and they are fixing it in the upcoming release for the smartphone app.

The app shows in first look the notifications, messages and friend requests icons at the top right of the app. This can save your time tapping left and right to check for new messages, new notifications and the new friend requests on your Facebook account.

Similarly a new pane has been introduced which displays the groups and pages. Previously Windows Phone users had to go to the internet explorer to communicate and comment on the groups. Now with the new features the users can easily comment into the groups from within the app.

Overall the app's new design get 9 out of the 10 marks. However, Microsoft would have to make sure that the app runs fast from its previous versions or at least matches the previous speed. 

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