Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Best iPhone/iPad Apps of February 2012

Here are some popular apps for 2012:

1-Vimeo 2.0 iOS App

Vimeo has unleashed new update to iOS application and named it Vimeo 2.0 with somefresh features. Vimeo 2.0 iOS App brings its support for iPad and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.3 and above. New update enables users to edit, upload, mange and watch videos on iOS devices.

Vimeo 2.0 iOS application can be downloaded from Apple iTunes App Store.

2-Polycom RealPresence Mobile

Last year Polycom RealPresence was launched for tablet which was able to connect 16 other callers. Now they have launched something new for smartphones. Polycom RealPresence Mobile App is created to provide sort of similar experience to that of iPad App and is currently available to download from Apple iTunes App Store.

Through this App, Polycom account holders can interact with each other from video conferencing.

Through this App users can collaborate with each other and can swap from video calling to presentation mode that allows you to watch worksheets and keynotes. It’s an appealing feature as you can discuss about important aspects and take out notes and start the discussion again—amazing.

3-Roku iOS Remote App

There is new update from Roku for its iPhone remote control App. Roku iOS Remote App enhances performance with a selection of features. Plus it brings D-Pad keypad option which is extremely beneficial.

There are lots of other buttons through which you can navigate around NetFlix, Crackle or Pandora. New update loads quickly.

This App is available to download form iTunes store.

4-Digital Pillbox App

May not be good for youngsters Digital Pillbox App is seriously important for elders. This Digital Pill box would remind you about the time of medication and right time of pills. Technically speaking, there is no way for an application to hold medicines but it would remind you time of pills. This App is created by Iconosys.

App is available on iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

5-Nike+ Basketball

For fitness enthusiasts, Nike is not new. Nike + Basketball is able to track down how high, low and quick you are on hardcourt as these Nike platforms are connected to digitally enabled footwear.

Nike+ pressure sensor is used to calculate accurate moment and speed of sportsman.

6-Fake Pokemon Game

This Pokemon Game has been removed from the store even after a great weekend sales. In fact Yellowgames are unauthorized and both Apple and Nintendo have not yet issue any statement regarding removal.

There were so many complaints from users that App crashes after download.

7-WiRC Steers

The world of remote controlled vehicles has been changed. These vehicles can be steered by your smartphone. WiRC Steers connects remote controlled vehicle to your iPhone using connection kit.

The newly released WiRC Steer has been created by Dension which controls your vehicles directly through your mobile device.

WiRC Steers is available on App store for free which allows you to drive onscreen using joystick.

8-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Prima World Interactive Map

This Elder Scrolls V: Skrim Official Prima World Interactive Map has been designed by Skyrim’s Prima official game guide’s team.

This Skyrim App includes 9 major hold cites and is free to download from iTunes App Store.

9-Sparrow Mail App Landing

Next version of Sparrow email Mac app would be available in next month, may be by end of march. You can purchase Sparrow Mail App from Mac App Store. This App helps you to organize your emails more productively.

Sparrow team is also working on Android and iPad versions.

10-Nokia’s Pulse App

Nokia’s Pulse is social check-in App and it looks like Nokia is pushing itself in software industry. Nokia’s Pulse is available as Mobile App and is accessible via web.

Some features of Nokia’s Pulse include Group conversations, Live Places and Your People

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