Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Improve WOW FPS in PC

World Of Warcraft players are suffering from different issues. In some cases users are unable to play the game. It is noticed that lots of players are asking how they can improve WOW FPS. In this article you would learn how you can improve game performance. After applying the steps given below you would notice mega boost in load time of the game as well.  

Recommended system requirements:

Before you start improving WOW FPS, make sure you have following system specification.

·         Processor: Pentium IV 1.3 GHz or equivalent
·         RAM: Minimum of 1 GB
·         Drivers: NVIDIA, GetForce and Radeon 9500 video card
·         HDD: 25 GB of available Hard Disk
·         DVD-ROM: 4X DVD-ROM Drive
·         Internet Connection: Stable Broadband Connection

Create New Account in Windows:

Next thing to do is creating new user account on your Windows system and use it only for World Of Warcraft. If you have minimum programs loaded with account, memory would be able to use majority of resources and this would help improving performance of the game. Follow the steps given below to create new user account in Windows.

1.      Right Click on My Computer | Select Manage
2.      In Computer Management click on local users and groups
3.      Now Right Click on Users | New Users
4.      Place it under administrator profile |
5.      Now install game on this profile.

Disable Vertical Sync:

Vertical sync limits frame rate and it should be over 60fps . Many games have option to directly disable this feature, however, in some cases you have to move around in control panel. Check V-sync in control panel by applying following instructions.

1.      Click on Start | Select Control Panel | Double Click on Display
2.      Select Advanced under Settings tab.
3.      Here you would find an option to Disable V-Sync.

Turn off Video Hardware Acceleration:

To improve WOW FPS, you should try reducing video hardware acceleration by applying the steps given below.

1.      Click on the Start | Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization
2.      Now click on Adjust screen resolution | Advanced Settings | Troubleshoot
3.      Select Change Settings | Move hardware acceleration slider towards none.

Change Color Management Settings:

To get best color display for World of Wardcraft you need to make sure its set to 32-bit. Below is given procedure to change color management settings.

1.      Click on Start | Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization
2.      Click on Adjust screen Resolution
3.      Click on Advanced settings | Monitor tab | Select true colors (32-bit)
4.      Click on OK

Manage Background running services:

Background running services can be hogging most of the memory; hence, you are unable to play WOW smoothly. To manage background services you need to temporarily disable your active programs such as Instant messengers and your antivirus program. You can do that through Microsoft configuration utility. Follow the instructions below to manage background services.

1.      Click on Start | Run
2.      Type “msconfig” without quotes and press Enter.
3.      Under Services, uncheck unwanted services
4.      Try playing game.

Repair Windows Registry:

Registry component of operating system needs to be cleaned on regular basis in order to play games without any problems. Repair Windows registry to improve WOW FPS using some reliable registry fixing tool such as RegInOut.

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