Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Cloud Computing Really Works and What are its Benefits for Ordinary Users

The term Cloud Computing means a service available on the internet for which you sign up and access via your web browser. It’s not an application program that is installed on your computer.

Cloud Computing is a commonly seen and speedily growing form of internet services. When someone says the data is stored “in the cloud”, it means the data is stored on the servers of the service provider company and off course not in our computer.

The main advantage of cloud computing is that you can access your data from anywhere in the world. You need not be in a particular place or use a particular computer for accessing your data. Since the data is stored in the servers of the service providing company, you’re free to use any computer and log-in from any place on the earth. Good examples of cloud computing are Gmail, Hotmail, Google Docs and Wikipedia.

How Cloud Computing works?
Let’s say you started a new office and purchased dozens of computers. You have employees ready to manage the data in to the computers. But is it really enough? Of course not, because you need to buy several copies of all software program that you’re expecting your employees should use. It would cost more money and become so difficult for you.
The cloud computing has changed the entire computer industry. It saves your money and makes the data accessible from anywhere in the world. In above example, wouldn’t it be a good idea to subscribe for a “single” cloud based service and access it from all your computers without purchasing any software?
Simply talking, cloud services are provided by the companies which have lots of servers that store our data. For using these services and accessing the data, what we require is just a web browser! We subscribe for them, provide log-in details and our data is ready.

Benefits for Ordinary Users:
There are several benefits of using cloud based services. The main benefits are highlighted below: 

1. No Need to Install Software:
Cloud computing has changed the way user works on PC. There is no need to buy and install software on each computer where you want to work. Just open the web browser and log-in to your cloud based service. You’re done! 

2. Saves Time:
Lot of our time is saved by not having to install any software. We do not need to download or install anything on our computers. 

3. Economical:
In cloud computing, there is no thing like multiple user license. Generally, in ordinary computing, you need not to purchase several copies of a single software for all your computers/ users. Thus it saves huge money! 

4. Access Data from Anywhere:
The cloud technology makes it possible to access our documents and data from any part of the world. An internet enabled computer with a web browser is competent to use a cloud based service.
5. Data Security:
Cloud technology is quite safer. It provides us data security against viruses, accidental deleting and computer problems. Since the data is stored online, there is no chance of losing it if our computer stops working at all. Regular backup is also provided.

6. No Tech Knowledge Required:
For using cloud based applications generally no technical knowledge is required to the user. The user has to just subscribe for the service and all the things are managed by the services provider.

Cloud based services are very helpful to the users and have a great future. They’re changing the way we’re using our computer. They are making it simple, quick and economical to work. 


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