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Windows 8 Developer Preview - An Insight

Windows 8 is a combined desktop, laptop and tablet operating system. At this period of time, a Pre-Beta version is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit machines. If you are interested in taking the flavour of all new features in Windows 8 you have come at the right place.

The download links for Windows 8 are given at the end of this article before the Screenshots section.

Start Screen

What's New?
  • Metro Style Touch User Interface
  • Ribbon Interface
  • Redesigned Progress Bar
  • Reduced Boot Time
  • Strong Like Bull
  • Picture Password
  • Control Panel in a New Form
  • Desktop
    Internet Explorer 10
  • Stock Updates
  • Weather Updates
  • Alarms
  • Task Manager

Metro Style Touch User Interface
Sample Metro Style Application: Remote Desktop
Windows has entered in to the journey of Metro. A new Metro style interface has been added which is designed for touch screens, pen inputs, mouse and keyboards. It is very similar to the Windows Phone's Metro interface. It's a giant screen which replaces the icons while living the titles.

Live Tiles, New Programs & Games
The traditional Start Menu is replaced with a new Start screen that occupies the entire area of your monitor screen. The most important programs and their live updates are shown in Tiles.
By simply opening the Start screen, you'll get information about the US Stock Updates and Weather. Windows 8 installs dozens of new programs that provide News, RSS Feeds, Maps, Twitter & Facebook Updates all just through a single click. You can set an alarm so that your PC will remind you at the specified time period. The Memories application is your life book where you can make albums of the photos of you and your loved ones.
A Game in Metro Style Interface
There are several new games added in Windows 8. Zero Gravity, Tile Puzzle, Bacterium, Word Hunt and much more! All of them can be accessed through the Start screen.

Ribbon Interface
Windows Explorer
The traditional Menu and Sub Menu based Windows are replaced with the new Ribbon interface. As you know, the Ribbon interface provides access to all required features and functions through the picture based icons. It saves the time required to search commands and a beginner can easily understand the functionalities of the Windows operations.

Redesigned Progress Bar
File Copy Progress
The progress bar is shown during several operations. The redesigned progress bar consists of a chart that not only shows the file copying/ moving progress but also the speed of that operation.

Reduced Boot Time
Unlike the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 8 loads and shuts down much faster. Boot screen, log-on screen and shutdown screens are attractively redesigned.

Strong like Bull
Regarding the computer performance, Windows 8 is much ahead than the earlier versions of Windows. It runs well with very little lags and rare crashes. The new Metro User Interface is always responsible to your commands thus making Windows 8 strong like a bull! 

Picture Password
Windows 8 has a new cool feature called Picture Password where you pick your favourite photo and draw gestures on it. What to tap? Well, you can tap your head, nose, neck or whatever you want.

Control Panel in a New Form
Control Panel
The Control Panel is converted into a Metro style interface which is easily accessible from the Start screen. Since I'm not a big fan of the redesigned Control Panel, I have restored it to the original appearance.

Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 10
Windows 8 comes with the major release of Internet Explorer. You believe or not; it is much more than just a simple web browser which plays a major role in a backend support for Metro start screen. Like other Metro styled applications, Internet Explorer 10 can also be used in the full screen browsing mode.

Twitter & Facebook Apps
Tweet @ Rama
The metro styled Socialite and Tweet @ Rama applications keep you updated about the Twitter and Facebook updates. In Tweet @ Rama, Timeline is shown on the left hand side where you see updates from others and you can tweet others through the Tweet box provided on the right hand side.

RSS Feeds
Updates from your favourite websites are shown in the new Headlines application. On a metro style application, you'll come to know what new posts & articles are published on your favourite websites and blogs.

Stock Updates
The new Stocks application gives market updates for the investors of US Stock Exchanges. You can get stock updates of Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and MSFT stock exchanges.
One interesting thing is that you need not to open that application to get this information! Once you open the Start screen, the live updates will appear on your desk.

Weather Updates
Weather Updates
Windows 8 has the ability to gather weather information. If you are more concerned about your loved ones who reside in other regions, you can choose to display weather information of multiple regions.

Are you sleeping while making your PC turned on? If so, this feature is for you. You can specify a Date-Time so that your PC will work as an Alarm Clock.

Task Manager
Task Manager

The Task Manager in Windows 8 is free from unnecessary functions. As default, when you open it, there are no tabs but only opened programs list is shown. You can end any program as usual; but if you require to know detailed information like services, startups & users, then you can click on More details.

Free Download Windows 8 


Desktop with Date-Time
User Files
Recycle Bin

Drive Optimizer (Previously known as 'Disk Defragmenter')
Internet Explorer 10 (Without Metro Interface)
Touch Keyboard
Microsoft Paint
System Information
Task Manager (Detailed)

Windows Media Player
XPS Viewer

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