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Steam Error: This Game is Currently Unavailable

Value Corporation has developed Steam for distributing games and media of all categories of developers including small and large software developers. Steam makes a user friendly environment where users can download games, chat and use other community features. Additionally, Steam take cares that all your games are up-to-date.

Unfortunately, users are facing an error with the following description: “Steam Error: This game is currently unavailable” whenever they try to play a game of their choice. This article goes through the various instructions used for getting rid of this annoying message.

1.       Update DirectX, Visual C++ Redist and PhysX
2.       Delete ClientRegistry.blob File
3.       Remove ReadOnly Mark for Steam Files
4.       Update Display & Sound Drivers
5.       Try Compatibility Mode
6.       Prevent Clash with Data Execution Prevention and Firewall Software
7.       Fix your Registry

Update DirectX, Visual C++ Redist and PhysX

Before you start playing games using Steam, make sure that your computer is up-to-date. The basic tools like Microsoft DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and PhysX (for Nvidia users) must be updated on a regular basis so as to avoid “Steam Error: This game is currently unavailable”.

Updates Download Links:

Delete ClientRegistry.blob File

There is a file called ClientRegistry.blob stored inside the Steam program directory. If this file is having any problems, it may result in “Steam Error: This game is currently unavailable”. The solution is to either rename or delete this file.

1.       Completely exit Steam from its system tray icon.
2.       Open My Computer.
3.       Double click C:\Program Files\Steam.
4.       Right click the ClientRegistry.blob file and select Delete option. Confirm it by clicking Yes.

Remove ReadOnly Mark for Steam Files

The Steam program files can be set to ReadOnly attribute thus leading problems in modifying the data and configuration files.  Remove the ReadOnly mark for the Steam program files.

1.       Open My Computer.
2.       Double click C:\Program Files.
3.       Right click the Steam folder and select Properties.
4.       In the new dialog box, deselect ReadOnly option from the General tab.
5.       Click Apply | OK.

Update Display and Sound Drivers

In many cases, users are getting “Steam Error: This game is currently unavailable” message because their display and sound drivers are outdated. In such cases, downloading and installing the updates has resolved the issue.

1.       Download a Driver Updating program or download the drivers from the manufacturer's web site which is more reliable method of downloading Windows drivers. 
2.       Start for the latest driver updates and install them immediately.

Try Compatibility Mode

Try to run Steam in Compatibility Mode for fixing “Steam Error: This game is currently unavailable”.

1.       Right click the Steam shortcut on your desktop, select Properties.
2.       Click Compatibility tab, mark Run this program in compatibility mode for as checked.
3.       Select earlier version of Windows operating system and click Apply | OK.

Prevent Clash with Data Execution Prevention and Firewall Software

Most often Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and your Firewall software prevent Steam from downloading or playing certain types of games. To overcome this issue, make sure firewall is turned off and Steam is being excluded from the DEP protected programs list.

1.       Right click My Computer, select Properties.
2.       Click Advanced System Settings.
3.       Under Performance frame, click Settings. Then click Data Execution Prevention.
4.       Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select, click Browse, locate Steam launcher file.
5.       Then click Apply | OK | OK.
6.       Click Start, type Windows Firewall with Advanced Security in the Search box and press ENTER.
7.       Right click the same option from left side panel and choose Properties.
8.       Make it turned off from Domain Profile, Private Profile and Public Profile tabs.
9.       Click OK and restart Steam.

Fix your Registry

The Steam configurations stored in the registry can be corrupted. Thus scan the registry for such errors and fix them instantly. Download a good System Utilities/Registry Cleaner software such as RegInOut (

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