Saturday, January 28, 2012

Resolve Error 633

Sometimes the dial-up internet users face Windows error 633. Even though the phone lines are okay, a message pops up on the screen telling the modem is already in use. You cannot connect to the internet.
  • Install Compatible Modem Drivers
  • Re-plug your Modem
  • Uninstall Incompatible Software Programs
  • Modify your Registry
  • Delete Telephon.ini
  • Reset Internet Explorer Settings
  • Clear Web Cache Contents

Install Compatible Modem Drivers
Error 633 can pop up if the modem drivers are not installed or if they are incompatible with your computer configurations. Reinstall appropriate driver versions can resolve error code 633 in Windows 7, Vista and XP.
For getting the latest driver updates, download a Driver Updater program or otherwise visit the website of your Modem Manufacturer or Internet Service Provider.
Re-plug your Modem
If the modem is not properly plugged-in, then such errors are shown. As a solution to resolve 633 error code, it would be advisable to un-plug and re-plug your modems.
Uninstall Incompatible Software Programs
Dozens of programs may have been installed on your computer. Some of them like Synchronization programs and Palm Desktop software cause incompatibility issues thus leading this error. Uninstall such programs to get rid of this problem.
  1. Click Start, select Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program.
  2. Select any newly installed program or Synchronization software or Palm Desktop, if installed.
  3. Click Uninstall button and follow the wizard on your screen. Restart the computer to resolve error 633.

Modify your Registry
The Telephony section of your registry may be modified improperly. Undo the wrongly altered registry portions to resolve problem 633.
     1.  Click Start, select Run, type RegEdit and press ENTER.
    2.  Browse the following registry path from the left side panel:    
    3.  There is a string called ProviderFileName0. Double click it and replace its value withTSP3216L.TCP
    4.  Close Registry Editor.
    5.  Install a Registry Scanner program and scan for other registry errors. Fix them instantly.

Delete Telephon.ini
The file Telephon.ini usually located in C:\Windows\WinSxS can be badly configured. Move it to the Recycle Bin and check whether the error exists.
If you do not find this file in the above mentioned directory, then open My Computer, press F3 and search it through Window Search feature.
When you are done, press Windows Key + R, type Tapiini.exe and press ENTER.
Reset Internet Explorer Settings
The changes you have made to Internet Explorer should be restored to the default state in order to resolve error 633. Do the steps given below:
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Press Alt key, select Tools | Internet Options.
  3. Under Advanced tab, click Reset, confirm it and restart the browser.

Clear Web Cache Contents
We may experience error 633 if the files stored in the web cache folder are corrupt. Simply clear the web cache by using the System Cleaner of a PC Optimizer software.

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