Monday, January 9, 2012

PC Mover 2012 Review

Laplink PC Mover 2012 is a consumer friendly PC Migration software. It is designed so that the process of migrating computer programs, documents, computer settings and user profiles from one computer to another becomes extremely easy.

Setting up a new computer has never been easier. All of us setup our computer in different manner. We all have different settings for different programs and games that we use. Traditionally, when we purchase a new computer, we have to reinstall all of our old programs & games and enter software licensing information (such as product keys or registration keys) and customize its settings manually.

However, PC Mover 2012 has made this task very simple and less time consuming. You only require installing PC Mover on both your PCs, choose which programs to transfer and start the automatic process! It is the modern way of transferring your programs, files, system settings and user profiles to a new PC with just a few clicks. There is no hassle of reinstalling programs, feeling software registration information or spending your valuable time.

PC Mover 2012 migrate the following and many other programs from your old PC to a new one:
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Publisher and Outlook)
  • Computer Games
  • Music, Photos and Videos
  • Desktop Settings (Backgrounds, Themes and Icons)
  • Instant Messengers like Yahoo Messenger, GTalk and Trillian
  • Graphic Design Programs like Paint, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw
  • Web Browsers and their Settings (Bookmarks, Favourites, Extensions and Toolbars)
  • Financial and Taxation Programs like Tally.ERP

Quick Installation
The installation of PC Mover 2012 is very quick. After downloading the file from the official website, the web browser or download manager will ask you to run it. After confirmation, the setup program will start downloading essential components like Microsoft .NET Framework and then start the actual installation procedure.

Automatic Transfer of Programs, Games & Settings to your New PC
When you install and run PC Mover on your old computer, a wizard will ask you to select some programs and games to transfer them to your new computer. Then you have to install this program on your new PC and run it. Just follow the same wizard and let it do this task automatically for you.

All the programs, games and user profiles that you selected earlier will be automatically moved to your new PC without hassle. There is no need customizing your new PC at all since all this work is automatically done for you.

Avoid Boring Installation & Registration Procedures
PC Mover 2012 makes it possible to avoid the boring and time consuming program installation and registration procedures. Your work is only selecting your favourite programs, games and user profiles and starting the migration process.

Use Network, External Hard Disk, USB Drive, DVD or USB/ Ethernet Cables
The process of migrating stuff can be done through several mediums. Local Area Network (LAN) can be used if you want to transfer the stuff via network connection. Otherwise there are several other options like using an external hard disk, a USB Drive, a DVD or USB/ Ethernet Cables. In case you do not have a Laplink cable, you can purchase it online.

Upgrade Assistant
If you do not wish to move your stuff anywhere but to upgrade existing version of Windows, then the Upgrade Assistant is there for you! You can easily upgrade to the newer version of Windows (say, Windows 8 Beta) without reinstalling your old programs or worrying about your documents & settings.

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