Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disk Read Error

Disk read error is a pre-boot error which can arise before your operating system starts booting. The error description may ask you to restart the machine by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. But the most annoying thing is that the next time your computer is started, the same screen appears no matter you have selected Hard Disk or CD ROM as your First Boot Device.

In this article, we are going through a few solutions that are frequently used to deal with the said error.

1. Repair Master Boot Record
2. Fix Registry Records
3. Use Different IDE Cable
4. Try Different Hard Disk
5. Set BIOS Defaults

Repair Master Boot Record
The Master Boot Record is placed on storage devices like your hard disk which holds the partition table. Its ultimate objective is to bootstrap your operating system by storing descriptions of partitions made in a specific hard disk drive.
Disk Read Error may arise because of corrupted Master Boot Record (MBR). By repairing it, the problem might be fixed.
1.  Restart the computer by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
2. Insert Windows installation disc.
3. Set First Boot Device to your CD ROM and Second Boot Device as your Hard Disk. Save the settings and restart the machine again.
4. When asked to press any key, follow it.
5. On the first page, click Install Now.
6. Select your language, time and currency format and keyboard & input methods. Then click Next.
7. Click Repair your computer link and in new dialog select Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows. Select the problematic version of Windows and click Next.
8. Click Command Prompt link, type the following commands one by one:
Select Disk 0
List Volume

<Your Drive Letter, For example, J:>

CD Boot


BootSect /NT60 SYS /MBR


9 Finally, click Shutdown.

10. Restart your computer.

Fix Registry Records
System Registry is a complex database that contains different types of information. Because of corruption in the records of the registry, Disk Read Error starts appearing. Start full scan using a Registry Cleaner software. Repair these corrupted registry entries from the scan results.

Use Different IDE Cable
IDE Cables
The word IDE is an acronym for Integrated Driver Electronics. It is frequently used to connect hard disk and CD ROMs with the motherboard.
When the IDE Cable is not working properly, Disk Read Error starts arising. Try a different IDE cable and restart your machine.

Try Different Hard Disk
A Dying Hard Disk
Bad sectors in your hard disk can also cause Disk Read Error. Temporarily, remove your hard disk, connect the hard disk of your friend and make it as a Primary Hard Disk and the First Boot Device. If the computer works fine, then the problem lies in your own hard disk and it is failing.

Set BIOS Defaults
Apply default BIOS settings and restart your machine. There is a possibility that your BIOS settings are improperly changed leading Disk Read Error. Set them to their defaults by following the steps given below:

1. Restart the machine.
2.  Press Delete or F2 key repeatedly.
3. Click Exit menu, select Load Optimum Defaults. Press ENTER.
4. The system will automatically restart and no error will appear when it will start.

Tip: Run Scan With RegInOut System Utilities to Fix Disk Read Error

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