Monday, January 9, 2012

Clean Social Media Review

Have you ever realized that how many apps you have authorized to receive your personal information and post automatically to your social media accounts such as Facebook? You will be amazed to know the number of apps that are working under the hood and you have no idea that how badly they might affect the reputation of your social networking account. In addition you may be compromising on your privacy.

Have you ever tried to clean up this mess from your profiles? Does that seem a daunting task? If you are nodding to these questions is the web site that is here to help you manage your social media permissions. The web site provides one click solution to steer your social media apps in an easy way.

When I checked my Facebook account through this web site i was surprised to see that more than 50 apps were receiving my account information including the personal information. Similarly the Twitter account was loaded with numerous apps.

Sometimes we give access to web sites and apps then forget to manage the permissions that how that web site can interact with our personal accounts.

The web site presents an idea that you should start the year 2012 by taking 2 minutes to manage social media apps permissions.

In my view this web site is worth trying.

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