Friday, January 6, 2012

Backupify Review--What is Backupify Social Media Backup

Everyone with some logical thinking can easily understand the advantages of storing data in world class data centers managed by experts . The need to backup social media accounts is ever increasing and people are looking to back up their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking sites. There is ever increasing threat of account hacking or blocking of a social media account. Backupify fulfills this need. It is a Google App basically. 

Backupify is a secure and is most popular online service. It backs date of Facebook, Google Apps, Picasa and several other accounts. 
If you have accidentally deleted data, you can still restore it. 


It has two paid plans and fantastic free plan as well and in free plan lots of popular cloud apps are covered. There is different storage limit and schedule of backup with each plan yet all plans come with 30 days free trial time. .

Getting Started
There is list of services that Backupify supports and you can start soon after sign up. In fact design is user friendly and common users can easily find what they are looking.

Backup Mission
This process begins with a simple step, allowing access to social networks only using login credentials.
Allowing Access to Social Network like Twitter Account
For your twitter feed, Backupify for twitter creates daily archives and important tweets. You can download you backup data as search-able PDF book when your twitter is offline.
Status Message
This setup just takes minutes and your information is stored safely in the cloud and your account is added to backup queue and you are always informed when import is complete.

Accessing Archives

History of Backups
Through Backupify you get centralized access to all of your stored information and app informs you that its will take few moments to complete the backup.
Backup in Progress
Through history tab you can keep eye on the status of backup.

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