Monday, December 17, 2012

Printer Spooler Service not Running

Windows users are constantly complaining about common problem that they cannot print anything. This article would teach you about required troubleshooting steps when Printer Spooler Service is not running

· Reset Print Spooler Service
· Start Print Spooler using Net Start
· Restart Spooler Service
· Temporarily Disable Firewall Program
· Update Printer Driver
· Reinstall Printer

Reset Print Spooler Service:

If print spooler service is not running, try resetting service to automatic using following instructions.

1. Click on Start > Type “Administrative Tools” in Search Box
2. Double-click on Administrative Tools
3. Double-click on Services
4. Select Print Spooler > Right-click > Select Properties
5. Set Print Spooler Service to Automatic
6. Also make sure Procedure Call is running

Start Print Spooler using Net Start:

Net start is quick command to manage services running in background. If Printer Spooler Service is not running, Start it using instructions given below.

1. Open Start
2. Type “Command Prompt” without quotes > Right-click on Command Prompt and Run as Administrator
3. In command prompt Window type net start spooler
4. Close command prompt Window

Restart Print Spooler Service:

You should try restarting print spooler when Printer Spooler Service is not running. To Restart Print Spooler service, follow the instructions given below.

1. Open Start and Type “Administrative tools “ in Search Box
2. Double-click on Administrative Tools > Services
3. Locate Print Spooler
4. Right-click on Print Spooler > Restart
5. Close the Window

Temporarily Disable Firewall Program:

If printer spooler service is not running, it is possible that your Firewall program is blocking printer. Temporarily disable firewall by applying steps given below.

1. Click on Start
2. Type “Windows Firewall” without quotes and press Enter
3. Right-click on Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
4. Select Properties
5. Turn Off Firewall against Firewall State
6. Close Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Update Printer Driver:

Printer Spooler Service might not be running due to missing printer driver. Update printer driver through steps given below.

1. Click on Start button > Control Panel
2. Double-click on Hardware and Sound > Printer
3. Right-click on Printer > Run as Administrator >Properties
4. Click on Advanced Tab > New Driver
5. Add Printer Driver

Reinstall Printer:

If printer spooler service is not running, try reinstalling printer through steps given below.

1. Click on Start > Type “Devices and Printers”
2. Right-click on Devices and Printers > Run As Administrator
3. Now click on Add a Printer
4. Select existing port on Choose a Printer Port Page >Next
5. Select the Manufacturer and Model > Next
6. If your printer is not listed, try through Windows update otherwise use Have Disk
7. Complete the process.

Monday, December 10, 2012

In SEO go to War With Different Weapons

Modern wars are fought in different battlegrounds. The more advanced weapons an army has and the more trained it is to use these weapons when needed, the higher are chances it will win the war. The same is the case with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Businesses that have embraced web often rely on old-age SEO techniques to boost their website rankings. This used to work in past but now SEO has become perplexed. 

Here are some tips that any search ranking professional shall consider while trying to increase the visibility of his/her website:

Wars can not be won using a single type of weapon:

Consider a scenario: an army is launching an operation overseas. Will it go to war with guns only or will it take other weapons too? Everybody knows its answer! Unfortunately if you are into SEO and using a single weapon you are destined to doom. To fight like a champion it is time to adopt new techniques and learn how to use these techniques in your overall search marketing strategy. Gone are the days when search optimization experts relied on blog comments or directory submissions to boost rankings of websites. Today there has to be a diversity in link building process. Also it is the quality of link-building that matters now. If you are still creating links with a focus of achieving a certain scale, you might have to pay back. 

Search companies prefer democracy

One of the best things about search giants is that they prefer democracy over authoritarianism when it comes to showing search results. You must realize the importance of people power which is a new holy grail in search industry. To make your website more democratic have it reviewed by other relevant websites.  Press release and social media optimization can also do wonders for your website. 

These days Search Engines are always in search of ways to cut spam. One such move initiated recently by Google was to reduce the importance of anchor texts. Search Experts are gossiping about the possible usage of co-citation in the search ranking algorithm. Co-citation is basically a way to observe how a website or a certain web page has been cited in other websites. This can show a deep insight to the Search Engines which can display results in an unorthodox manner. Co-citation can significantly increase importance of content and remarkably reduce the anchor text over-usage. 

Each SEO effort must be done to create 'value-creating' content. 

If someone comes up with a simple formula for SEO it would be the value-creation through your content. If your content is creating value and you are spreading it to best possible places, you are becoming a good candidate to have your site ranked high in the major search engines. Some SEO companies might not reveal it in front of the businesses that creating valuable content is the major strategy in every SEO campaign and it can easily bypass other things done in optimization game. Biggest benefit of focusing on content is that it saves time and money. Valuable content is a goldmine which can itself generate lots of revenue for any business. 

SEO shall come second

While we agree that content can be written in a way that a very little need is there to do further search optimization for a given website but we must also realize that there is still a need to scientifically channelize your SEO efforts. If content comes first, SEO comes second. Clever experts are hard to beat and they can handle things in their own way based on their years of experimentation and experience. They are still relevant and can do an appreciable work to enhance search visibility of a website. 

For an online business entity looking to optimize a website 'structure' and 'on-page SEO' of the website must never be ignored. After building a right structure working content, social media and search engine optimization can definitely boost the rankings for a website. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Common Problems

Guild Wars 2 is multiplayer online game both for Windows and Mac OS X. This article would teach you how to fix Guild Wars 2 common problems.

· Check Minimum System Requirements
· Disable Firewall and Antivirus Program
· Check Server Authentication
· Update Direct X
· Reduce Sound Acceleration
· Delete Data from Steam Folder
· Alter Screen Resolution

Check Minimum System Requirements:

Ensure that your system specification meets the requirement of Guild Wars 2. Below is given minimum system requirement for PC player.
  1. CPU:                               2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD
  2. Available Hard Disk:      25 GB
  3. Operating System:         Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP.
  4. RAM:                             2GB
  5. DirectX:                        9c
  6. Video RAM:                   256 MB
Disable Firewall and Antivirus Program:

If game client continues to lose its connection with Server, make sure your Antivirus and Firewall programs are not interfering. Follow the steps given below in this situation.

1. Disable Firewall and Antivirus program.
2. Do port forwarding for Guild Wars 2
    TCP ports: 6112, 80, 443

Check Server Authentication:

In some cases, Server is unable to authenticate Guild Wars 2 privileges. You may receive error 21, to solve this error follow the procedure given below.

1. Open Game Installation Directory.
2. Right- Click on Guild Wars 2 executable file | Create Shortcut
3. Rename shortcut to GW 2 Port Test | Now right-click on this shortcut and select Properties
4. Now edit Target line and add /clientport 80 in the end.
5. Click on save once completed.
6. Try connecting again. 

Update DirectX:

Direct X is important part of Windows operating system which is required to play Guild Wars 2. An outdated version of DirectX can cause delays in Sound.

Click Here to Download DirectX End-User

Reduce Sound Acceleration:

If updating your Sound Card driver could not fix Guild Wars 2 sound problem, you should try reducing Sound Acceleration. Follow instructions given below to reduce sound acceleration.

1. Click on Start
2. Type “dxdiag” in Search
3. Double-click on file
4. Click on Sound tab
5. Reduce Sound Acceleration
6. Restart game

Delete Data from Steam Folder:

To improve performance of Guild Wars 2, you should empty Steam folder to an extent. But don’t just delete everything because you won’t be able to play game if you trashed this folder. Follow these steps to safely delete data from Steam Folder.

1. Close Game
2. Open Steam Installation Directory
3. Delete everything from Steam Directory except Steam.EXE and Steamapps folder.
4. Restart your system.

Change Screen Resolution:

You need to make sure your hardware supports game resolution. Change screen resolution for Guild Wars 2 by applying following steps.

1. Go to Control Panel | Select Appearance and Personalization
2. Select Display | Click on Adjust Screen Resolution
3. Change Resolution

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is Error 2032 a Virus? Learn How You Can Fix it

Normally, Windows errors come up because of incomplete installation/removal of system applications or Windows Registry redundancy. Nevertheless, the causes of Windows error 2032 also include browser inadequacies and Trojan virus invasion.

This article is written to provide precise solutions to get rid of Windows error 2032. This article is divided into two parts quick checks and technical tweaks.  

First of all make sure the below mentioned simple tweaks. In case, if one of them resolve your problem then you are not required to apply the technology tweaks.

1. Quick checks:

1. Check the proxy settings
2. Check the URL you are opening
3. Check browser Add-ons are working fine
4. Check the restricted website list
5. Check the cookies handling

Check the proxy settings:

Checking proxy settings would resolve error 2032. Follow the steps given below to set proxy.  

·         Go to Start press Run
·         Type RegEdit in Run Box and press Enter or Click Ok
·         Windows Registry Editor will appear before you
·         From left hand side panel open the Registry path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
·         Double click the ProxyEnable string and replace its value with 0
·         Right click on proxy server and select Delete option
·         Exit Registry Editor and restart Internet Explorer

Check the URL you are opening:

Double check the URL you are opening. Sometimes, wrong spellings cause Error 2032 so make sure you are typing the correct URL.

Check browser Add-ons are working fine:

Make sure the browser Add-ons are working fine. You may check Add-ons through Internet Explorer “No Add-on” mode. Follow the steps given below to check Add-on:

·         Go to Windows Start and then click All Programs
·         Go to Accessories and then click System Tools
·         Click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
·         It will allow you to run Internet Explorer without Add-ons
If Internet Explorer is working fine without Add-ons so perform the steps given below:
·         Launch Internet Explorer
·         Click Tools and then Manage Add-ons
·         Check the working mode of each Add-on one by one  
·         Notice the faulty Add-on and disable it

Check the restricted websites list:

Error 2032 can come up because the URL you want to access is in restricted websites list. You are required to remove this URL from restricted websites list. Follow the steps given below:

·         Launch Internet Explorer
·         Click Tools from the main menu and then press Internet Options
·         Go to Security Tab and then go to Select Restricted domain
·         Click Sites button, it will bring a list of restricted websites
·         Find the URL in restricted websites list
·         Select the URL and press Remove
·         Press Ok I Ok

Check the cookies handling:

Automatic cookies handling is one cause to Error 2032. Disabling automatic cookies handling can resolve this problem. Follow the steps given below to disable automatic cookie handling:

·         Launch Internet Explorer
·         Go to Tools and then Press Privacy Tab
·         Click Advance button from settings
·         Uncheck Override automatic cookie handling
·         Click Ok I OK  

2. Technical tweaks:

1.    Clean browser cache
2.    Uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player
3.    Restore your system  
4.    Remove Trojan virus

Clear Browser cache:

Browser cache is temporary internet file folder. It saves internet files to make browsing fast. Corrupt browser cache files can cause error 2032. Clearing the browser cache can resolve this problem.

·         Go to Wrench at the right corner of Google Chrome
·         Click Wrench – click Tools options and then click Clear Browsing Data
·         Checkmark all the boxes appear in new dialogue box
·         Select time frame “From the Beginning”
·         Press Clear Browsing Data button

Uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player:

Sometimes, incomplete application installation or corrupt application files lead PC to error 2032. Removal and reinstallation of Flash Player can fix error 2032.

·         Go to Windows Start
·         Go to Control Panel and then Programs
·         Select Flash Player and click Uninstall button
·         Follow the onscreen instructions and reboot your system
·         Now reinstall Flash Player  

Restore your system:

Restoring your system settings and configurations to earlier point can resolve error 2032. The steps to restore system are given below:

·         Go to Start then All Programs then Accessories and then System Tools
·         Press System Restore and then Press Next
·         Select restore point and then press Restore my computer button
·         Reboot your system when you receive “Restore process has been finished” message

Remove Trojan virus:

Trojan virus modifies and destroys Windows Registry. On the other hand, removal of Trojan virus from your PC leave number of redundant items that make your system slow.

Removing virus is not the only issues but cleaning redundant Registry items is also important. Keep in mind removing virus and cleaning Registry cannot be performed manually especially when you are not the expert.

You need to get Registry Cleaner/PC Optimizer utility software such as RegInOut. Follow the steps mentioned below to download Registry Cleaner/PC Optimizer utility software and Repair 2032 Error in your PC.

·         Download a Registry/PC Optimizer Software RegInOut
·         Launch the Software
·         Perform full Registry Scan
·         Repair/adjust system registry errors

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Clean Up MAC to Increase its Performance

Mac may run slow over a period of time. Basic tasks take longer time than expected, programs and games run slower and boot time is dramatically reduced. In such situation frustration takes place and it’s not surprising to see someone venting out his anger on Mac.

Well, there are several ways which can improve Mac performance. The performance can be improved by upgrading your hardware, scanning for malicious programs, uninstalling unneeded applications, clearing historical data, disabling login items and quitting unwanted tasks. Let us see how.

Upgrade your Hardware

There is no use wasting your time performing system maintenance tasks unless your hardware is up-to-date. Check out the frequency of your processor and other system configurations like RAM, hard disk and so on.

Scan for Malicious Programs

Malicious programs often hide themselves and download scripts & other content. In addition to making your Mac unsecure this actually affects the system performance. Hence scan for malicious programs and remove, if any.

Uninstall Unneeded Applications

Sometime scanning malicious programs does not help much. For optimum system performance one should free-up the disk space by uninstalling unneeded applications. They typically waste your hard disk space and Mac start running slow.

Here are the steps to clean up Mac easily and efficiently for faster Mac performance:

1. Open Finder.
2. Type the name of an application. For example: Skype
3. Start the search. If you want you can narrow the search to only specific folders on your hard disk.
4. Move the file/ folder of the particular application to Trash.

Clear Historical Data

Historical data includes the record of historical activities such as web history, saved form data, cookies and so on. Delete historical data and log files to clean up Mac easily and efficiently for faster Mac performance.

1. Hold down the Apple key in Safari.
2. Press Comma key.
3. A new dialog shall appear.
4. Click the Lock symbol under Security section.
5. Click Show Cookies.
6. Delete your cookies.
7. Then click Tools | Clear Private Data.
8. Check up Browsing History and click Clear button.

Disable Login Items

Login Items are programs running at the Mac startup interval. Load of several login items make Mac run slower and slower. Thus disable unneeded login items as below:

1. Click Preferences | Users and Groups.
2. Select Login Items.
3. Disable unneeded login items and apply the changes.

Quit Unwanted Tasks

Open Activity Monitor to get a list of all running processes. Quit unwanted tasks to speed up Mac computer:

1. Open Activity Monitor.
2. A list of all processes shall appear. If it doesn’t, please change My Processes to All Processes.
3. Then quit individual tasks.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

MacKeeper Review- Learn How Does MacKeeper Keep your Mac Running Fine

Mac may suddenly start run slower than normal. The applications would stop responding until you force them to quit. After re-launching none of them would respond properly. The only way to get rid of this problem is to manually restart your computer. Needless to say, it works temporarily and the chances of getting the same problem are much higher.

Taking these problems into consideration MacKeeper is introduced by ZeoBit LLC. It does an awesome job when it comes to cleaning, optimizing and protecting a Mac computer.

Protect your Mac from Viruses & Thieves

Although there are hardly any threats on Mac comparing with Windows, there are enough of them to be worried. To protect Mac and your data you need not to pay for expensive antivirus suits.

MacKeeper has an Antivirus tool which offers a real-time system protection. It safeguards your operating system, documents and removable media against internet threats, viruses and malwares.

Clean your Mac Quickly & Safely
MacKeeper gives you a list of all temporary files that you can delete. These files include caches, binaries, log files, duplicate files and languages. It is completely safe to delete these files. Deleting them will recover a large portion of your disk space and Mac will run faster.

Detailed information about each item is given below:

·         Caches: A cache is a special location/ folder on your hard disk where temporary application data is stored. Once the application is closed or the task is finished, these files become useless. For example: After completion of installation of a program.

·         Binaries: Binary files usually have .bin or .macbin extensions. They usually contain information about a file which is useful for the Finder function. (Finder is a tool used to search and locate files)

·         Log Files: A Log File contains detailed application usage history. This technical information is stored in a well structured format. These files are useful for diagnostic purpose only. They’re can be used to resolve problems when an application is not functioning properly.

·         Duplicate Files: Duplicate files are copies of your documents and files. We sometime accidentally create duplicate file copies. For example: photos, videos, etc.

·         Languages: Here the language means the language of the user interface.  During the installation of Mac, dozens of foreign languages are installed like Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Wipe Out Unneeded Programs

MacKeeper comes with Wise Uninstaller feature. It shows a list of all the installed applications in a convenient tree view. You can get in depths information of applications. You can reveal their details and then decide whether you need a particular application or not. It is recommended to uninstall applications you hardly use. This help freeing-up your hard disk space.

Boost the Login Performance

When you turn on your Mac, a variety of applications starts loading. That is why you experience a slowed login performance.

It is used to control which applications shall run at login interval. You can simply uncheck and turn off unneeded applications.

Protect your Privacy and Recover Deleted Files

This software offers a variety of tools to protect your privacy. The Shredder feature can be used to permanently remove files from your hard disk. Once deleted, these files cannot be recovered using any Undelete programs. In short, this feature is very helpful especially when you're giving others physical access to your computer.

On contrary, there is Undelete feature. It can recover accidentally deleted files. Please note that files that you have deleted using Shredder cannot be recovered using this feature.

The File Encryptor feature secures your files by denying access to unauthorized people who have access to your computer. You may add several files, encrypt them using various file encryption systems and protect with a strong password.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What Not to Do While You Outsource

There are number of online outsourcing sites; these sites facilitate businesses to outsource their work. No doubt these sites have developed state of the art employer privacy and safety system.  However, risk of scam and fraud cannot be denied at any stage. Therefore, taking precautionary measures for outsourcing actually protects you from scam and fraud.

This article has a list of “not to do” for your outsourced work. You are required to follow the guidelines to achieve your business goals.

List of “not to do” while you outsource:

Always scrutinize service providers
Don’t provide half details of your project
Don’t take communication for granted
Don’t provide any sensitive details
Don’t pay outside of outsourcing sites
Don’t  give fake feedback
Don’t hold down abuse  

Always scrutinize service providers:

Every online outsourcing site contains an inbuilt system which lists the service providers according to their experience, skills and employer feedback. You can easily search them through the available service providers. So, it is your responsibility to scrutinize the experienced, skilled and talented service provider who suits you and can complete your project without any delay or deficiency.  

Don’t provide half details of your projects:

Mostly, employers in hastiness provide half details of their projects. It will result disagreements between employer and service provider. So, always work on your project details and provider complete details to get the right outcome you require.

Don’t take communication for granted:

There are several cases in which employers took internal communication of outsourcing sites for granted. That is why they got the negative results. So, always take internal communication seriously to report your work related queries. It will not only help you to keep track of your project process but also will be helpful if any arbitration takes place.

Don’t provide any sensitive details:

It is your liability to avoid providing sensitive details. These details could be business details, bank information, credit card details or passwords. If you do, it can lead you to abuse or fraud. Therefore, never provide any sensitive details to any provider you are working with.

Don’t pay outside of outsourcing sites:

Paying outside of outsourcing site leaves you unprotected. So, always pay through the outsourcing site you are working on. Not only it will keep you protected but also upgrade your profile.

Don’t give fake feedback:

Mostly employers in courtesy give fake feedback to service providers. Obviously, it is against the business ethics. On the other hand, it will mislead other employers as well. Therefore, always give factual feedback to service providers.

Don’t hold down abuse:

If you receive an abusive message from service provider, it is your duty to report it to the outsourcing site authorities. It may be related to abusive language, pornographic images, low quality content, low quality work, copyright infringement, racist remarks and comments etc. Therefore, it is your duty to report any abuse.

Hereinafter, the above mentioned don’ts can save you from the hassles and you can get the accurate results of your outsourced work.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Free Video Editing Software Vs Best Video Editing Software Paid

Video editing is a post production video handling activity. The sequences captured while video production or photo capturing are handled in video editing software to make the videos more arranged and make them more dazzling.

Video editing software contains several editing tools such as trimming the shoots, adding sounds and images, converting videos into High Definition movies, creating 3D effects and inserting credits. However, free and best paid video editing software contains extremely different features and come up with different end results.

In this article you will find comparison of free video editing software versus best video editing software. An evaluation criterion for comparison is based on identifying the need and evaluating the technical factors. These two things are defined hereunder:

  • Identify your need
  • Technical features you will avail

Identifying your need:

One influential factor in any consumer item is its need. Every consumer wants to get things according to his/her needs. Coming to the point – in respect of video editing software consumers are divided into several segment of market. Some are with basic editing needs and some needs professional software.

Need factor and freeware video editing software:

The freeware video editing software’s are not aimed to provide best craft results. So, people with basic need can use Windows Movie Maker a built-in video editing feature in Windows Operating system. Furthermore, you can use number of freeware software’s available over the internet, download and use.

Need factor and best video editing software paid:

Adobe premium pro is one of the best paid video editing software’s. It provides high definition technology to edit videos. In addition, it provides professional editing and develops videos into dazzling HD movies with bloomed sound.

A consumer should have no doubt that advanced and crafted technology is not possible to get as freeware software. Therefore, if you want something extraordinary with your video editing then you have to pay for it.        

Technical features:

Technology advancement is giving more advanced features to make video editing results better. Literally, there is no comparison between freeware and paid video editing software’s when it comes to technical features. You can observe this by goring through the details hereunder:

Technical features and freeware video editing software:

The features which freeware video editing softwares provide are conventional and most of them are not used in professional editing. The most common freeware video editing software you can get easily is Windows Movie Maker. It will give you basic video editing and you will only be able to make a video. The features it provides are:

  • It combines the videos and photos
  • It edits the videos and photos quite easily
  • You can share your videos easily

Therefore, freeware software to edit your video or photo would just basic and conventional editing. You cannot convert your video into a High Definition (HD) dazzling movies.

Technical features and best paid video editing software:

A layman must understand that best paid videos editing softwares like Adobe premium pro contains advanced features such as:

  • High definition support
  • Non destructive editing
  • Full screen playback
  • Storyboard mode
  • Maximum video and audio tracks
  • Linear timecode display
  • GPGPU with OpenCL acceleration

All the above defined features are most advanced features which will definitely make your video a dazzling movie. At the same time, there is a close battle going on between big video editing software brands to get better clutch on advanced technologies.  

Final thoughts:

Finally, there is entirely different audience for free and best paid video editing software. So, each audience targets a video editing product according to its need. If you are also confused then it is recommended that first determine your need and then get video editing software.  

Certainly, if you just need to edit your video so no need to pay for it, you can avail free video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker. Conversely, if you need something extraordinary then you have to pay for it to get technically advanced video editing software. However, editing videos is fun and do have fun!!