Monday, December 12, 2011

Word of Mouth Branding for Small Businesses

Online marketers are convinced that word of mouth marketing has an effectiveness which the traditional paid advertising can not match. After all consumers tend to trust their peers and want to learn from the purchase experiences from other people. That is why we are seeing an enormous expansion of review sites, social media sites and other similar platforms whereby users interact and share their experiences. In a recent study by Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) it is said that 49 % Americans believe on-line word of mouth as 'highly' credible. One can safely assume this percentage to increase in near future. 

Now the question arises how can small businesses including the ecommerce vendors present their brand to the online community in an effective way? Here is a simple strategy that can be used by the web marketers looking to expand their word of mouth marketing:

Your Name is Your Brand, Let Users Remember it in Good Terms !

Some web site marketers tend to market what is inside the web site by which I mean features and benefits of the products and services being offered. This is important but ignoring your very own brand name or company name is a grave mistake in digital media marketing. A famous software vendor, Sorcim Technologies, shared their data that showed that at least 20 % of the traffic was just their product name which was branded through various word of mouth strategies. 

After you have made your product or structured an ecommerce shop all you need is consistent traffic. Unique targeted traffic is the blood line for any online business. If done correctly, word of mouth branding efforts can win you the desired traffic. All you need to figure out is that where your customers interact to solve each others problems and share their experiences. By this I mean web forums and other similar web sites. Make a list of such online communities, talk to the owners of these sites and try to strike a deal with them that your company will provide online support and assistance to the users of the forum. In this way you will not only gain trust of people but will also effectively brand your product/service and make ways  for general public to do word of mouth branding for you. 

Following screenshot shows how the companies and individuals are using this strategy:

In a popular GMAT study preparation forum admission consultants as well as the test preparation companies have took slots to provide help to students in this forum. 

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