Saturday, December 31, 2011

Webcam Drivers for Windows 7

A Webcam is a video camera connected to a computer via USB, pre-loaded with a laptop, connected through Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. It is often used for the purpose of video conferencing, video and voice calls and internet meetings.

Well, if you have purchased a new webcam for your Windows 7 based computer, then it is simple to install it. The installation procedure doesn’t include merely connecting it to the computer but also to install appropriate drivers to make it functioning. Without a driver, it would be like ‘a body without soul’.
Webcam drivers for Windows 7 can be found on different places depending on the product you use.

There are 5 ways of installing webcam drivers. They are given below. But the most common and simplest way is to to use a Driver Updater program as it reduces the amount of risks and saves much time in searching for compatible drivers.

Webcam Drivers for Windows 7 can be installed by:
  • Automatic installation through Plug & Play Technology
  • Using a Driver Updater Program
  • Manually searching and download drivers from the Manufacturer Website
  • Using Device Manager
Automatic Installation through Plug & Play Technology
Plug & Play is a term used to describe the characteristic of a device specification (including your webcam) which facilitates the discovery of a hardware component in the system without the need of physical device configuration or user intervention in resolving resource conflicts.
Balloon showing Device Driver Installation Status
If your webcam is based on this characteristic, then you need not to separately search and install drivers for it. This is because the webcams based on this characteristic have the ability to automatically install its driver without user attention.
You just connect your webcam via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi and then wait till your computer starts detecting it. As soon as your computer detects the webcam, a notification balloon may appear on the System Tray (near Date-Time information) and the process will be automatically continued. So you need not to do anything.

Use Driver Updater Program
A Driver Updater program is based on the ability to find new drivers for the devices connected to your computer (including your new webcam).
It is a simple and user friendly program that searches online the latest drives available for your webcam and ask you for confirmation. When you accept, it will automatically download and install the most appropriate version which is specially designed for your computer specifications.
In this way, you not only save time in searching webcam drivers for Windows 7; but also reduce the amount of risk of downloading unsupported versions. Often during manual installation we increase the risk of downloading unsupported versions of webcam drivers and we end with computer errors, operating system crashes, unstable operating system and data losses.

Manually Search Webcam Manufacturer Website
You can manually search the website of your webcam manufacturing company. Click the Downloads or similar navigation links. Select the webcam model, your operating system and its version and then continue with that process. For more instructions, please visit the webcam manual or contact the customer support department.

Use Device Manager
Open Device Manager and scan for hardware changes. Let Windows automatically find the most appropriate driver for your webcam.
Device Manager

  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security | Administrative Tools.
  3. Double click Computer Management.
  4. On the left hand side panel, expand Computer Management (Local) | System Tools.
  5. Select Device Manager.
  6. Right click the computer name and select Scan for hardware changes. If this option fails, then select Add Legacy Hardware instead.

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