Saturday, December 3, 2011

Uniblue Registry Booster 2012

Uniblue Registry Booster 2012 is a utility software designed to improve the registry performance and make a computer run faster. At the same time, it repairs registry errors and fixes several problems found on your computer.

As the name describes, the Registry Booster scans your registry and optimizes it to perform the tasks faster and without stopping in middle. Windows and all the installed programs and games therefore run faster. It removes incorrect and outdated information from the registry, thus repairs many runtime errors, system crashes and BSOD error.

Before I explain how this program works, I would like to make you familiar with some important terms first.
Windows Registry:
Windows Registry is a vital part of Microsoft Windows operating system. It is nothing but a complex database that contains different types of information such as, applications settings, settings changed by the user, programs data and other relevant information.
The process of accessing the registry data is started when a program is started and this process is stopped when it is closed. Programs change the registry information as soon as you change the system settings or perform a task.
Registry Errors
The term Registry Errors describes the various problems found in the registry. It includes all types of registry problems, such as, outdated and incorrect registry information and the missing data.
There is no fixed reason behind registry errors. They are made when your computer is abnormally switched off, a program is crashed or you provide incorrect data. The most common reason behind such errors is programming bugs and wrong instructions executed by programs and script files.
It is highly recommended to clean such errors on time. Otherwise, they lead to serious problems like data losses, system/ application crashes, Blue Screen of Death, automatic system reboots and runtime errors. You start facing several problems with your computer.
How Uniblue Registry Booster 2012 Works?
When launched, the Registry Scanner program starts scanning your registry for errors. This process takes a couple of time depending on the size of your registry. When the scan is finished, a report will appear on your screen requesting you to clean-out the errors immediately. You’ll far away from just a click. By clicking Fix Errors, all the internal registry errors and other problems are automatically solved.
Moreover, it analyzes the state of your registry with the Registry Defrag feature. The structural problems and the fragmentation in the registry is analyzed. In other words, non-continuous file parts are analyzed so that they can be defragmented for maximum performance. You’ll be able to correct the fragmented areas of your registry and defragment it to optimize the speed of your computer.
Is it Safe to Repair the Registry?
Yes, absolutely.
Until and unless you perform this operation properly and use a reputable program, it is safe to scan and repair the registry.
Registry Booster 2012 is not only quick in performing the registry repair; but also it’s safe. It scans the registry and shows you a report at the end. Before you repair any errors, a Registry Backup is created which can be later restored, if anything goes wrong.
You need not to worry as you can restore a backup anytime you wish. This makes the registry cleaning task safer.
It also contains an Ignore List where you can put those registry entries which you do not wish to repair. Let’s assume, there is a registry hive (say, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows), which you want to exclude from the full scan, you can easily put it to the Ignore List. In this way, no changes will be made to it.
The Registry Repair Logs shows you the recent changes that you made to your registry so that you can modify them later, if required.

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