Monday, December 12, 2011

Skyrim Black Screen

Some gamers have reported that whenever they are playing it for a short or long period, Skyrim Black Screen occurs with no error text mentioned. The game then crashes to the desktop or freezes until the user ends the process through Task Manager.
There are certain approaches to fix this problem. Some of them which helped a lot of users are discussed in this article. Do the following steps in the order they are given below:
  • Clean Fans and Prevent Overheating
  • Run Driver Update Scan
  • Exclude from Data Execution Prevention
  • Scan Skyrim Registry Hives and Fix Errors
  • Run SFC and Check Commonly Shared System Files

Clean Fans and Prevent Overheating
The problem might be with the temperature of your computer or laptop. As the game uses majority of CPU and processes a lot of data at a single time, the machine must not overheat.
In your case, I guess overheating has resulted in Skyrim Black Screen. Prevent such issue by cleaning the fans with the help of a brush and cloth.
Run Driver Update Scan
Updating your driver simply means to download and install latest versions of the device drivers.
Unfortunately, this task is not so simple and no in-built tool is available which can do it for you. Download an external Driver Update Tool and perform a full scan with it. If new versions are found, then immediately download & install them to fix Skyrim black screen.
Exclude from Data Execution Prevention
Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature introduced in Microsoft Windows, which sometimes makes conflicts with the installed games and applications.
You may experience Skyrim black screen due to inter-conflicts. One way to prevent this problem is to exclude the game file from DEP so that it will no longer be protected and monitored.
  • Click Start menu on your Taskbar, right click My Computer and select Properties.
  • Click Advanced System Settings.
  • In the new dialog, click Advanced | Settings (Under Performance).
  • Click Data Execution Prevention tab.
  • Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
  • Click Add, browse the main launcher file and select it.
  • Click Open button when you’re done.
  • Finally, click OK | OK to confirm and finish the changes.

Scan Skyrim Registry Hives and Fix Errors
The registry entries made by Skyrim may contain certain information which is incorrect in manner. Such information should be removed or repaired, as the case may be, in order to fix Skyrim Black Screen.
  • Download a Registry Scanner such as REGINOUT.
  • Start a full scan and fix errors when they are shown.

Run SFC and Check Commonly Shared System Files
The operating system files found in the Windows installation directory may be replaced or modified in improper manner thus leading Skyrim black screen. Run a tool known as System File Checker and follow the on-screen-instructions. It will help getting rid of current problem.
  • Click Start, select Run.
  • Select SFC /SCANNOW and hit ENTER.

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