Friday, December 2, 2011

Skype Keeps Crashing

Skype is a famous audio-video internet communication program used all over the globe. It is commonly experienced that when you open it and communicate with your loved one, Skype keeps crashing without any reason. The crashes were also reported when someone right clicks a contact.
This article covers why the program crashes and what are the different ways to fix it from crashing. Let’s begin.

  1. Rename Shared.XML File
  2. Correct Skype Settings
  3. Optimize the Speed of your Internet Connection
  4. Update Video and Audio Drivers
  5. Reinstall your Microphone and Webcam
Rename Shared.XML File
There is a file called Shared.XML stored in the Skype installation folders. This file contains application configurations which are retrieved when the program is started.
Skype keeps crashing because there is a possibility that this file contains some settings which are incorrect in manner. In simple words, the file is modified in a non-systematic manner. A simple way to fix your problem is to rename this file.
  1. Exit Skype completely. Right click its system tray icon and close it from there.
  2. Click Start, select Run. Otherwise, press Windows Key + R.
  3. Type this command and press ENTER: %appdata%/skype
  4. Right click the Shared.XML file and rename it as OLD_Shared.XML
Correct Skype Settings
Another place where Skype configurations are stored is the Windows Registry. The registry contains several keys that contain application data, settings and user preferences.
You’re experiencing Skype keeps crashing issue because the associated registry entries are broken. Check them for invalid, outdated and incorrect data. Attempt rto repair the registry by accepting the new registry changes.
  1. Download a Registry Scanner program.
  2. Start the installation program and run it.
  3. Click the button Start Scan to check the registry for errors.
  4. When new errors are found, click the button Fix Errors button to repair them.
Optimize the Speed of your Internet Connection
Your internet might be too slower that lead to Skype crash just because the videos and other relevant information can’t be received on time. The program stops responding due to delay in receiving necessary information.
  1. Download an Internet Optimizer such as Reginout System Utility.
  2. Analyze the current settings and changes.
  3. Optimize the internet when you’re prompted.
Update Video and Audio Drivers
Skype keeps crashing because the video and audio drivers installed are outdated. Update them immediately to fix these crashes.
Reinstall your Microphone and Webcam
The installations of Webcam and Microphone devices could be incomplete. Reinstall both of them to fix Skype keeps crashing.
  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security| Administrative Tools.
  3. Double click Computer Management icon.
  4. Expand these categories: Computer Management (Local)| System Tools.
  5. Select Device Manager.
  6. Right click your microphone or webcam driver and select Uninstall option.
  7. Reboot the machine and wait till the uninstalled device is automatically recognized.

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