Sunday, December 4, 2011

Propaganda Against Islam - An Investigation Into The Role of Western Media

Is the propaganda against Islam a reality or a myth? Is it something a new phenomenon or a continued campaign to blacken the name of Muslims and their religion? What role the western media plays to paint Islam as a radical religion? Are Muslims today perfect or whether they have equally damaged Islam due to internal divisions and their support for extremist ideologies? In this paper I will discuss these questions especially in relation to how the European and American media raises objections to contemporary Muslim thought. Although it would be unfair to blame one billion Muslims and put them all in the same category of radicalized muslims just because of the action of a few groups but I will, for the sake of academic discussion, make my case by providing the counter arguments and proofs that will show instances of biasness in the media reporting shown to world by the hawkish elements in the popular TV channels such as CNN, CBN, BBC, FOX NEWS, etc.

A layman person would easily identify the jargon used by the TV anchors when they report something about the state of muslim societies either living in the western countries or in other parts of the world. The frequently used words for muslims and Islam are, "Political Islam", "Radical Islam", "Islamic Exremism", "Islamic Fundamentalism", 'Jihadist Muslims", "Muslim Extremists" and many other similar names. It would be interesting to identify that how easily the media personnel label Islam in their own fashion which can be safely called as the biasness and unethical reporting. How can some person who is supposed to be neutral and well informed make such big claims about a highly followed religion and, that too, without sufficient proof and argument? Although it can be true that some alienated factions among muslims are following a wrong path and evil deeds in the name of religion but it is inappropriate to carry on a propaganda style media reporting against a whole religion and its followers. It would be just like that if Hitler did the massacre of jews and someone calls it that the "Extremist Christianity" is the culprit. That is highly uncalled for. Links to some videos are posted in the references which can give anyone an idea about their reporting style which is something that can be called the media crusade against Islam. 

I will go back in history to explore the roots of the conflicts among the people of different religions. I will limit the discussion to three major religions named Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Surprisingly these religions share a lot of common beliefs but unfortunately the history of these religions is filled with blood. One can cite a number of historic events such as the Crusade wars and the present day conflicts among the jews and muslims. There is a great deal of politics involved that has made people to think suspiciously about their fellow religious folks. In short we can say that the clash between the people of different religions has its roots in history. The same sense prevails in the ranks of the Western media which is at this stage has global presence and a greater following than the media channels of the Islamic countries which too want to have their voice heard. 

However, there is another dimension to this religious troika. The rise of Islam and at the same time increasing secularism and reduced interest of people in the institution of Church in Europe and America has been a cause of great concern for the media magnates. It seems that to counter the rising tide of Islamic expansion the Jewish supported western media has started a war of ideologies. To secularize muslim societies in the name of democracy and freedom is also one element of their grand strategy. To substantiate this I am sharing two videos here. One is made by the CNN while the other is being made by the CBN News. One can easily see how conflicting are these two videos when seen together. The issue being reported in the videos is the Islam in the Eurpoe. While the CBN News report acknowledges that very insignificant factions propagate their fundamentalist views during tiny public protests in Britain, the CNN report overstate the facts and makes the case that Britain is about to fall. Here are the links to these videos:

There are numerous other proofs of how the TV channels exaggerate bad news about muslims and hide the good ones. 

Having said that all one shall also inquire the contemporary thought of the muslims living around the globe and how do they view the role of powerful channels such as CNN, BBC,etc. It is true that majority of muslims might view the actions of American and European countries as unjustified but muslims do not support terrorism in any form. However, it is also true the fundamental thought is quite prevalent among muslims and it is the high time they revive and reconstruct their religious thought. The Major religious issues that receive greater attention of the western media are the jihad, freedom of women and the lack of democratic roots in muslim societies. Also the issue of Islamic punishments is important one. There undoubtedly exist large internal divisions among the muslim scholars regarding the above mentioned issues. Due to this confusion and lack of unity within the Islamic sects the western media finds it easy to aggravate the situation and call muslims as extremists and radicals. Not only this their intellectuals think that the 'radical' Islam has been the enemy of their culture. It is unfortunate that many muslim scholars substantiate their claims by making the case for clash of religions/civilizations. In the videos links put in the references we can analyze this aspect that how the anchors refer Sharia as a cruel set of laws and how they refer Jihad as a holy war against the infidels. 

The questions raised in this paper need to be answered with a spirit of academic honesty in order to encourage inter-religious harmony. It is the time the western media shuns its habit of chastising Islam the religion and make muslims voices heard in order to better understand them and resolve the issues facing humanity. If not taken seriously such media wars will continue and the hatred will rule humanity. 

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