Friday, December 9, 2011

Fiverr Review--Earn $5 For a Small Service !

While surfing internet I came across an interesting web site called Fiverr. This web site provides the opportunity to buyers and sellers of simple services to interact with each other.

Upon little investigation I found that the web site is quite popular among the internet community especially those involved in digital media marketing.

Although there are reports of violations on part of some service buyers and seekers but the web site is still going really popular and receiving a huge traffic which is evidenced through its high Alexa Rank (266).

There are categories being made in the web site which makes it easier for the users to buy or sell service for $5.

If you are expert in making videos, writing articles or even providing simple advice about anything you can earn five dollars quickly.

Such web sites can be fun for those people who want to use their time effectively and also interact with the like minded people.

Internet encourages innovative ideas such as Fiverr. Do use the web site and let me know if you found it interesting.

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