Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best Battlefield 3 Guide

Battlefield 3 is a game where you have to be innovative and concentrate on the targets. The Best Battlefield 3 Guide will help you achieve the targets by identifying your threats and keeping the mind cool. 

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In this article, we will go through some techniques that are useful for preventing unnecessary risks, fighting with the enemies and thereby achieve your targets.
Top 10 Strategies
  1. Get the most value of your explosives. Be on top of taking out any enemy vehicles as well or control your own should your team’s strategy require them.
  2. Use your explosives to take out the walls if your enemy is holed up in a room. It will crumble if you hit a wall with enough rockets.
  3. Spawn on your team mates and drop an ammo pack whenever possible. However, do not spawn at the deployment area even an awesome vehicle is there.
  4. When you play a game, select a kit. Each kit has its own unique weapons and gadgets. However, it’s not like free-for-all and you can’t pick any class you want.
  5. Each kit may have different role. Before using it, please understand its role and how does it works.
  6. Check out the camera and Kill:Death ratio if you killed by an enemy Sniper. There is a possibility that the person who killed you may have Kill:Death ratio of no higher than 1:2.
  7. The class of Engineer should not focus on combat with guns. Their real role is to repair or destroy vehicles, use the rocket launchers and do appropriate operations.
  8. Throw down the medical kit if you’re an Assault player. Push the left button on your direction pad to do so.  The medical kit will heal you and teammates around you for about 10% health every second.
  9. I have found that there is a misconception among the newbie’s that snipers should snipe. Go prone in an area with good cover and try to pick off players from a safe distance if you have a sniper rifle.
  10. Drop an ammo box whenever you are next to a team mate. This is highly recommended for the engineers and shudder campaign snipers.

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