Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reset Windows Password

We set-up a password so that unwanted people cannot access our password. We feel very stressful if we have forgotten that password and cannot start the computer. There are several ways to rest Windows password. We are going to discuss a few of them which already helped many users.
To reset Windows password, try the following solutions:
Use Windows Password Resetter
Try to remember the password hint
Change the password by requesting to the administrator
Boot from an Emergency Disc

Use Windows Password Resetter
A Windows Password Resetter is an application that cracks Windows to recover your old user account password.
It is a wizard-wise utility that is made to search the Windows Registry database for password related information, and request Windows to recover the password by completing certain operations.
Download Windows Password Resetter. Burn it to a blank CD ROM using ImgBurn, Nero or Windows DVD Maker. Put this disc in your CD Drive, and double click the desktop shortcut. Follow the simple on-screen-wizard to reset Windows password.
Try to Remember the Password Hint
A password hint is something like a question that we enter while setting-up a Windows password. It is used when we forgotten the password; and need to reset Windows password.
Try to remember the password hint that you specified during this process. Log-in to your account as below:
Turn your computer on.
The user account log-in screen might appear.
Select your user account. Click Forgot Windows Password -> Hint.
Enter the question to your question, and press ENTER key of your key-board.

Change the Password by Requesting to the Administrator
Only the person operating computer administrator account can help you reset Windows password. Request the computer administrator to change your password and specify a new one, which is easy to remember and strong enough.
Provide him the following steps:
Turn the computer on, and log-in from the administrator user account.
Click Start | Control Panel.
Click User Accounts and Family Safety | User Accounts.
Click the link Manage Another Account.
Select your user account, and click Change Password.
Type a new password, and then click Change Password button.

Boot from an Emergency Disc
An Emergency Disc can help you reset windows password. Do the steps given below:
Buy an emergency disc online and download it to your computer.
Burn it to a blank CD ROM, and put the same in your CD Drive.
Restart the computer.
Press F2 or Delete key. Select the First Boot Device to your CD/ DVD ROM; and Second Boot Device to your Hard Disk.
Save the CMOS settings. The system shall restart now.
When you’re prompted to continue from the inserted media, press ENTER or Spacebar key.
Follow the on screen instructions to reset Windows password.

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