Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide

Battlefield 3 is among the seven top ten games that are just released. The reason behind its popularity is covered in the explosive goodness. We are here going to discuss several effective ways to achieve victory in Battlefield 3.

Your Objective must be to Flanking Hard & Select Best Path
The objective of a pro gamer is to flank hard while playing Battlefield 3. You should select the best path, for example, take the red tunnel and cross the train tracks into the middle with full concentration.

Try to Stay Across the Bridge of Alpha to Defend
One of the best advices I can give is to stay across the bridge of Alpha to defend. Near Bravo, defend from the big rocks.

Keep the Attackers Away from the Objective
You should push for the rock and surround the big tree to keep your attackers away from your objectives.
You have a more defensive role if you are one of those planning to use short-mid range weapons. You should position yourself behind the walls and should run between the radar units & points.

Decide whether you want to be Aggressive or Passive
You can be either aggressive or passive in the tunnel. At the right side, where attackers will enter in the trains & cars, try to set-up a sniper.
For those players with an aggressive approach, please stay close to your objectives with a short gun, LMG, or rifle.

Use Most Effective Weapons and Stay Close to the Walls
In the Subway Entrance, especially near the objectives, uses the most effective weapons like ranged, rockets or LMGs. Stay close to the wall, and at the same time, use the wall to cover when attackers approach.

Spot the Bring Sunlight before you Start Shooting
The bright sunlight makes it hard for you to target. So spot them first before you start shooting. Since multiple attackers will come out at once, having extended magazines will be helpful for you.

Don’t Go Running into the Heat of Battle
Keep in mind that your actual job is not to running into the heat of battle. You should try to get hundreds of points if you able to top up people’s ammo.

Do Research and Read Good Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide
The best way to get multiplayer strategies you need is to know the game modes and the map. For this, you need to do a research your own, and read a good Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide.

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