Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide

Battlefield 3 is among the seven top ten games that are just released. The reason behind its popularity is covered in the explosive goodness. We are here going to discuss several effective ways to achieve victory in Battlefield 3.

Your Objective must be to Flanking Hard & Select Best Path
The objective of a pro gamer is to flank hard while playing Battlefield 3. You should select the best path, for example, take the red tunnel and cross the train tracks into the middle with full concentration.

Try to Stay Across the Bridge of Alpha to Defend
One of the best advices I can give is to stay across the bridge of Alpha to defend. Near Bravo, defend from the big rocks.

Keep the Attackers Away from the Objective
You should push for the rock and surround the big tree to keep your attackers away from your objectives.
You have a more defensive role if you are one of those planning to use short-mid range weapons. You should position yourself behind the walls and should run between the radar units & points.

Decide whether you want to be Aggressive or Passive
You can be either aggressive or passive in the tunnel. At the right side, where attackers will enter in the trains & cars, try to set-up a sniper.
For those players with an aggressive approach, please stay close to your objectives with a short gun, LMG, or rifle.

Use Most Effective Weapons and Stay Close to the Walls
In the Subway Entrance, especially near the objectives, uses the most effective weapons like ranged, rockets or LMGs. Stay close to the wall, and at the same time, use the wall to cover when attackers approach.

Spot the Bring Sunlight before you Start Shooting
The bright sunlight makes it hard for you to target. So spot them first before you start shooting. Since multiple attackers will come out at once, having extended magazines will be helpful for you.

Don’t Go Running into the Heat of Battle
Keep in mind that your actual job is not to running into the heat of battle. You should try to get hundreds of points if you able to top up people’s ammo.

Do Research and Read Good Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide
The best way to get multiplayer strategies you need is to know the game modes and the map. For this, you need to do a research your own, and read a good Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide.

Reset Windows Password

We set-up a password so that unwanted people cannot access our password. We feel very stressful if we have forgotten that password and cannot start the computer. There are several ways to rest Windows password. We are going to discuss a few of them which already helped many users.
To reset Windows password, try the following solutions:
Use Windows Password Resetter
Try to remember the password hint
Change the password by requesting to the administrator
Boot from an Emergency Disc

Use Windows Password Resetter
A Windows Password Resetter is an application that cracks Windows to recover your old user account password.
It is a wizard-wise utility that is made to search the Windows Registry database for password related information, and request Windows to recover the password by completing certain operations.
Download Windows Password Resetter. Burn it to a blank CD ROM using ImgBurn, Nero or Windows DVD Maker. Put this disc in your CD Drive, and double click the desktop shortcut. Follow the simple on-screen-wizard to reset Windows password.
Try to Remember the Password Hint
A password hint is something like a question that we enter while setting-up a Windows password. It is used when we forgotten the password; and need to reset Windows password.
Try to remember the password hint that you specified during this process. Log-in to your account as below:
Turn your computer on.
The user account log-in screen might appear.
Select your user account. Click Forgot Windows Password -> Hint.
Enter the question to your question, and press ENTER key of your key-board.

Change the Password by Requesting to the Administrator
Only the person operating computer administrator account can help you reset Windows password. Request the computer administrator to change your password and specify a new one, which is easy to remember and strong enough.
Provide him the following steps:
Turn the computer on, and log-in from the administrator user account.
Click Start | Control Panel.
Click User Accounts and Family Safety | User Accounts.
Click the link Manage Another Account.
Select your user account, and click Change Password.
Type a new password, and then click Change Password button.

Boot from an Emergency Disc
An Emergency Disc can help you reset windows password. Do the steps given below:
Buy an emergency disc online and download it to your computer.
Burn it to a blank CD ROM, and put the same in your CD Drive.
Restart the computer.
Press F2 or Delete key. Select the First Boot Device to your CD/ DVD ROM; and Second Boot Device to your Hard Disk.
Save the CMOS settings. The system shall restart now.
When you’re prompted to continue from the inserted media, press ENTER or Spacebar key.
Follow the on screen instructions to reset Windows password.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skyrim Blue Screen Error

Users often complain that Skyrim crashes with Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7 and Vista. This problem occurs due to several technical reasons. Some of these are discussed in this article.
  1. Delete Faulty INI Files
  2. Delete Faulty Registry Entries
  3. Delete Temporary Files
  4. Disable Firewall Protection
  5. Disable Skyrim from DEP
  6. Do a Driver Update Check-Up

Delete Faulty INI Files
The INI file format is a standard for configuration files for some application softwares. Skyrim uses certain INI files to store its settings and levels related information.
In many cases the INI files created by Skyrim game can be changed so these files may contain wrong information. Delete all the faulty INI Files to fix Skyrim Blue Screen.
  1. Exit Skyrim.
  2. Click Start | Documents.
  3. Double click: My Games | Skyrim.
  4. With the help of Shift key of your key-board, select all the .ini files. Press Delete key of your key board.

Delete Faulty Registry Entries
Skyrim configurations are also stored in the system registry database. If some of these registry entries are missing, or some contain false information, Skyrim Blue Screen problem occurs.
Registry clean-up is required. Just start a full registry scan using a Registry Cleaner software. As long as new errors are found fix these errors by clicking an appropriate button.

Delete Temporary Files
The files stored in the Skyrim temporary directories can be corrupt. Completely delete all the temporary files to fix Skyrim Blue Screen.
  1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
  2. Select a disk drive where the game is installed, usually drive C.
  3. Click OK.

Disable Firewall Protection
The firewall program you are using can be preventing Skyrim from running properly. Disable the firewall protection to completely fix Skyrim Blue Screen.
  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security | Windows Firewall.
  3. On the left hand side, click Turn Windows Firewall On or Off option.
  4. Turn Windows Firewall off, and click OK | Close.

Disable Skyrim from DEP
DEP stands for Data Execution Prevention. Skyrim crash occurs if DEP is preventing it from running. Do the steps given below to fix Skyrim Blue Screen.
  1. Right click My Computer icon on your desktop, and select Properties.
  2. In the new page, click Advanced System Settings.
  3. Click Advanced tab.
  4. Click Settings under Performance frame.
  5. Click Data Execution Prevention tab.
  6. Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select, add Skyrim executable file, and click OK | OK.

Do a Driver Update Check-Up
A Driver Updater is a program used to scan for the latest versions of installed drivers.
Skyrim Blue Screen appears if the drivers installed on your computer are outdated. Update these drivers to fix Skyrim crashes.

To get updates about computer and game errors visit the web site:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lost Windows Password

It happens with many of us that we set-up a password for our Windows and then forget it after some days. We need to get it back in any way as we have all the important documents stored in our PC.

It is commonly seen complaint that users lost Windows password and had no clue how to deal with this situation . It turns out that resetting the lost password is frighteningly easy as long as you have access to your machine.

Lost Windows password? Here’s how to regain access to your account:

  1. Reset your Password through Administrator User Account
  2. Use Automatic Password Reset Tool
  3. Use an Emergency Boot CD
  4. Use a Password Reset Disc
Reset your Password through Administrator User Account

The Administrator user account has access to all of your standard user accounts, and can be used to reset lost Windows password.

  1. Turn your computer on.
  2. When you are prompted to select an account to log-in to your computer, select Administrator user account.
  3. Enter valid password that you have.
  4. Click Start | Control Panel.
  5. Click User Accounts and Family Safety | User Accounts.
  6. Click Manage Another Accounts.
  7. Select the standard user account where you are unable to log-in.
  8. Click Change Password link.
  9. Provide a new password, and confirm by re-entering it.
  10. Click the button Change Password.
  11. Restart your computer, and try to log-in to the concerning standard user account.
Use Automatic Password Reset Tool

An automatic password reset tool is capable to reset lost Windows password by cracking Windows in an easy and secure manner.

  1. Download Password Resetter on your computer.
  2. Burn it on a blank CD ROM that you have. Use a CD burning program or Windows DVD Maker for this process.
  3. Insert the disc that you just made.
  4. Doubleclick the Password Resetter desktop shortcut.
  5. Follow the simple instructions on your screen and crack Windows to reset lost Windows password.

Use an Emergency Boot CD

An Emergency Boot CD is a specially formatted bootable media that contains information about a particular Windows installation. If you have lost Windows password and need to regain access to your account, then use an emergency boot CD.

Use a Password Reset Disc

A Password Reset Disc is a technology that allows the users who have lost Windows password to regain access to their machine.

If you already have created a Password Reset Disc, then you may recover your old password and specify a new one with the help of a Password Reset Disc. The steps are very simple. They are given below:

  1. Turn your computer on.
  2. When you are prompted to log-in to a user account, select the user account which password you have lost.
  3. Type your Password box will appear. Don’t enter anything there.
  4. Click the arrow on the right side.
  5. A message will appear providing guidance and support information.
  6. Click the link Use your password reset disk.
  7. A Password Reset wizard will appear on your screen.
  8. Click the Next.
  9. Insert your password reset disc, and select its volume.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Under Type a new password box, specify a new password, and retype it under Password Confirmation box.
  12. Click Next, follow the wizard, and finally click Finish.
  13. Now, you’ll have access to your machine as this will fix lost Windows password problem. Just type the newly specified password to log-in to your machine.