Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quora Invitation Free -- Who Wants Quora Invitation

Quora is a community web site in which users can contribute by asking and answering questions.

Thus the Question and Answer site, Quora, aims to build a great knowledge database whereby real internet users share their experiences, information and knowledge.

In addition people are allowed to ask questions free.

Initially the web site does not allow any one to make accounts. This is the month of October 2011, and the company is following the same policy.

If you want free invitation for Quora accounts please leave email addresses in the comments below i will send you the invitations. 


  1. Could you invite me? Thank you
    rap at

  2. Hi, appreciate if you could send me Quora invitation to:


  3. Hi, I am a Web Designer who's addicted to exploring new things on the web.. I would be really grateful if you can send me an invitation to Quora.. Been looking for one for weeks now. Thanks a bunch !


  4. Hi
    I have heard a lot of good things about Quora and would really appreciate an invit.

    peter (at)

  5. Hi. I am looking for a Quora invite in order to write an article about Q/A sites. I'd greatly appreciate if you could send me one.
    emma dot ramone at gmail dot com

  6. please send me a quora invitation at

    Thank you !

  7. hi, I'd love to contribute to Quora, please send invite to


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