Friday, November 5, 2010

UBL Wiz Card Review--Debit Card for Internet Use in Pakistan, Some Personal Experiences

Completing transaction over internet is a big problem for anyone living in Pakistan. Not only Paypal is not supported in Pakistan but also the Payoneer Debit card service has been closed here. To add insult to the injury there is no bank in Pakistan offering any decent solution to the people looking to purchase things online or transfer/receive payments just as it is possible through Paypal.

Although I have used many credit/debit cards here but my experience is not that good. The cards that were in my use were Visa and MasterCard enabled. Recently I used UBL Wiz Card to carry on some transactions.

This is what happened with me while using UBL Wiz card also called internet visa:

-- card issued very late
-- failed transactions
-- even for a failed transaction the card charged 1 dollar from my account which is very unfair. i lost many dollars in this way.
-- problem never solved through customer support email and phone. even now i am waiting that my issue is being resolved.


Take your money out of this card and find some other card :)