Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Giant Google Apps Client in Pakistan: Virtual University

Virtual University of Pakistan is the only successful online university model in Pakistan. Surprisingly it is one of the biggest Google Apps client in Pakistan.

The VU has been using the Google email service and has more than 50,000 email accounts distributed to its students, faculty members and other university staff.

The university offers a wide range of courses from diploma and certificates to the graduates and post graduates degrees.

The most striking thing about this university is that it has done the thing which the other academic institutions have failed to do. And that is it has truly extended its reach. Now its campuses are present in the far flung towns and villages. It's not just big cities students who are benefiting from the Virtual University lax online courses.

Not only this the institution breeds technology trends in its students who use a sophisticated online learning management system to complete their degrees.

The exams are conducted online and there is no paper work which makes it a paper-less academic institution. However, the quality of education is a thing which the university would have to improve.

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