Friday, November 5, 2010

UBL Wiz Card Review--Debit Card for Internet Use in Pakistan, Some Personal Experiences

Completing transaction over internet is a big problem for anyone living in Pakistan. Not only Paypal is not supported in Pakistan but also the Payoneer Debit card service has been closed here. To add insult to the injury there is no bank in Pakistan offering any decent solution to the people looking to purchase things online or transfer/receive payments just as it is possible through Paypal.

Although I have used many credit/debit cards here but my experience is not that good. The cards that were in my use were Visa and MasterCard enabled. Recently I used UBL Wiz Card to carry on some transactions.

This is what happened with me while using UBL Wiz card also called internet visa:

-- card issued very late
-- failed transactions
-- even for a failed transaction the card charged 1 dollar from my account which is very unfair. i lost many dollars in this way.
-- problem never solved through customer support email and phone. even now i am waiting that my issue is being resolved.


Take your money out of this card and find some other card :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naseeb Relaunches While Facebook is Troubled !

We all know that Facebook is receiving a lot of criticism from everyone due to its inability to provide users with the simpler privacy settings. The Muslim users are also not happy with the web site due to the presence of sacrilegious content posted in one or more Facebook groups.

There have been going on emergency meetings in the organization to win the trust of people and Zuckerberg's (CEO of Facebook) writing an article for Washington Post is one such attempt. Now it seems the social networking giant has realized that the real power rests with the users and no one can sell/share their personal information with any third party. A ZDnet report recently shared a survey result which stated that above 60 per cent users of the web site are considering to leave it. Above, is one part of the story. What Facebook has missed is that it has perhaps ignored the sentiments of Muslim users all over the world who are not happy about the blasphemous content present in their web site. Despite repeated reports the organization did not remove the content spreading religious hatred and hurting the feelings of a people belonging to the major religion of the world.

For that all, it seems, Naseeb Networks was waiting for a long time.

The Naseeb web site when launched earlier was meant to serve the muslim social networking needs. However, due to its payment features the web site could not get attraction.

In a recent email sent to the Naseeb members, the CEO of the Naseeb Network says:

"We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Naseeb on Thursday, May 27. As you know, was initially launched in October 2003 as one of the first social networks on the web. As the social networking space has matured with the subsequent launches of Orkut, MySpace and Facebook, our expectations and usage of this medium has evolved dramatically."

It is perhaps a nice move as Naseeb must be looking to fill the gap and meet the needs of Pakistani as well as Muslim internet users. Currently the site has, according to its own information, has slightly above 100,000 members (as of 26 May).

In my view this is not the right approach to rebrand Naseeb because users will not trust a service which was waiting for the fall of its competitors. It is the same as Amrat Cola tried to sell its cola drinks while making the pitch "Apna Cola, Amrat Cola."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Giant Google Apps Client in Pakistan: Virtual University

Virtual University of Pakistan is the only successful online university model in Pakistan. Surprisingly it is one of the biggest Google Apps client in Pakistan.

The VU has been using the Google email service and has more than 50,000 email accounts distributed to its students, faculty members and other university staff.

The university offers a wide range of courses from diploma and certificates to the graduates and post graduates degrees.

The most striking thing about this university is that it has done the thing which the other academic institutions have failed to do. And that is it has truly extended its reach. Now its campuses are present in the far flung towns and villages. It's not just big cities students who are benefiting from the Virtual University lax online courses.

Not only this the institution breeds technology trends in its students who use a sophisticated online learning management system to complete their degrees.

The exams are conducted online and there is no paper work which makes it a paper-less academic institution. However, the quality of education is a thing which the university would have to improve.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 offers scholarships to those who answer simple questions on their site is a popular site where people can ask simplest of questions and get answers from other users of the site. The site has been so far successful in providing useful answers as well as to maintain quality. And now it offers generous scholarships to the undergraduate students applying in seven different countries.

The scholarship funds amount to 20,000 US dollars while these funds have been divided as follows: one $5,000 scholarship, two $2,500 scholarships, and ten $1,000 scholarships.

The students who are applying in the universities of the following countries are considered eligible for the scholarship grants:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or India.

However, there are few conditions which a student should fulfill before trying to win the available scholarships.

The students would have to register on the site and answer 50 questions of their choice. It shall be kept in mind that there are hundreds of categories and subcategories and a student can easily pick one or more of his choice and provide the most smart answers. These answers will be reviewed by the qualified panel of judges.

The deadline to apply in this program is March 31, 2010.

While the site has been called as a global site there are many other developing countries which have not been included in the list.

For more details visit this link: